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Vikram Singh Chauhan – Ek Anaar, Teen Bimaar – Imraan

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Vikram Singh Chauhan – Ek Anaar, Teen Bimaar – Imraan

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-19, 11:15

Vikram Singh Chauhan – Ek Anaar, Teen Bimaar – Imraan of Qubool Hai

Being Imraan in the show Qubool Hai cannot be easy. Firstly, he is Haseena Bi’s (Nishi Singh) son. Secondly, he seems totally spineless. Yes, we were speaking to him about his character and told him that he is spineless and for a Lawyer that was not something he wanted to hear, but Vikram Singh Chauhan, took that sportingly. In fact, after sometime we even started joking about how he is the stud of Bhopal with three women in his life.

Imraan is a character that one has seen change from a boy, who follows his mother’s instructions to the T and perhaps does not even have a voice, let alone raise it, is a man who has now shown shades that would make one wonder and ask,  can the real Imraan please stand up?

What is the deal with Tanveer? What is it that forced him not to speak up for Nikhat Ahmed Khan (Archana Taide)? And Is the real Imraan the one who is in love with Najma Ahmed Khan (Nehalaxmi Iyer)? Here is some analysis that we think could be probable. Imraan loved Najma, perhaps the first love of his life. Then she refused to take this further due to fear of her brother. Disheartened, he did not oppose his wedding fixed by his mother and went along without investing any real emotion in the process. While he felt bad for the treatment of Nikhat, he did not really care for her enough to fight his mother (Well, she is a terror). But then the question comes, why give Nikhat those soppy looks? Well, we believe it must be more fear of his mother’s plan failing than his real “love” for Nikhat and perhaps, he wanted to be the best “husband”, “fiancé” to Nikhat that he could be. Well, all this will perhaps come out as the story moves forward.

Today, we at Forum 32 want to wish Vikram Singh Chauhan, a very happy birthday and wish him success and happiness.
We believe, interesting track is coming up at Haseena Bi’s residence, with Imraan, “the stud” in the lime light.

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Re: Vikram Singh Chauhan – Ek Anaar, Teen Bimaar – Imraan

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-08-19, 13:34

Happy Birthday Vikram


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