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SBB - Qubool hai main Pavitra Rishta !! + VU added

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SBB - Qubool hai main Pavitra Rishta !! + VU added

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-19, 14:44

It is the Occasion of Rakshabandhan..Najma/Neha   has got the Aarti plate ready , A giggling  Neha is doing aarti while Karan is full on Masti Mood as he takes the flower petals and showers it on her head, throws bit of Rice on her ..

Neha ties the  Rakhi around Karan's wrist ..

VO asks the significance of the various items laden on the plate.. Karan  looks at the plate and the things laden on them and goes, Turmeric for those times to tend my wounds , Rice is the reminder that I should eat well , Oil is to fry the food..Looks at kumKum/Sindoor ... "Why did u get the Sindoor ?, I think You got the wrong plate "..Neha begins to laugh ..

Neha speaks about her younger brother and says she is very close to him while KSG is like elder Bro to her..

KSG says that he has no sisters but through QH, he got a lovely sister in Neha ..

Neha and KSG are shown playing a childish game .. and Neha frezzes him saying  'Statue ' ..she keeps him statued for a while..

After tying the Rakhi, Neha demands gifts..  KSG," There is something chilling my back "..from his behind, he pulls out 2 cornettos...Neha  goes into raptures on seeing it.. KSG warns her that she cannot eat though..

Neha ," Najma loves to eat Ice cream, So does Neha but Neha cannot eat as i am trying to lose weight"

VO says RB cannot end without a song, Neha sings  with appreciative sounds of KSG ...

There is a shot of KSG's hands , n he says.. No, I do not have 2 sisters.. it is just that Neha has tied it twice.. 

Neha," I always wanted a big bro , who would boss us around "

KSG:" who also advises which is never followed "

Neha:"No, I do listen to the advice now and Then " :P :P

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