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DABH - WU 19 August 2013

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DABH - WU 19 August 2013

Post by sarra0 on 2013-08-20, 02:19

epi starts with suraj convincing bhabho that sandy will fulfil all the duties of DIL,
he says he is also a pati apart from being her son
he has to do his duty as a husband too
bhabho accusses suraj for forgetting about her mother ever since he came to know about sandy’s dream of IPS

bhabho says he is not the same suraj who used to give importance to his mother
she says he has transformed from a son to husband of sandy
suraj says he cant tolerate bhabho’s pain
and asks sorry

he says surya will stay separate
he adds that he took the decision before sandy participated in the competition
sandy says that they cant go away from RM

bhabho accusses sandy that she made a shravan kumar to joru ka ghulam
suraj says why didnt bhabho stop suraj when he fullfilled the duties of a brother to mohit and vikram
he gives the keys of the house which bhabho had given and tells sandy to leave soon

vikram says to stop
sandy says this family is their identity
she says that during competition he had promised to set right everything
suraj says the thoughts are different and that they cant keep fighting every minute for her dreams in RM

suraj says her jealousy adamancy has made her stoop so low that she fed LC to stop sandy from giving exams
relations have turned sour
he says he cant see his mom in pain

sandys’ IPS dream is killing her every second
and he is neither ready to break his promise nor can see his mom in pain
relations have to be mended so that they can realise the realtion
and the bitterness between sandy and bhabho will vanish only if they separate themselves from RM

break everyone except bhabho shed tears when surya leave RM

in the aangan every one are dull ,( all of a sudden the lights are off)
chavi says someone please stop them
vikram says bhabho to manofy suraj
even chaturi says she wil try
chavi says she will not lie again and asks bhabhasa to stop them

chavi and chotu hug suraj and says they will not allow them to leave RM
bhabhasa says bhabho to say something
bhabho says no one will stop them
let them go as per their wish

precap: suraj’s world famous challenge of 15 days
everyone are smiling hearing this but no reaction from bhabhoc

Credit - DTB

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