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"Shahenshah ka maan" 19Aug13 by Lynnie

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"Shahenshah ka maan" 19Aug13 by Lynnie

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-08-20, 10:45

" Humne ye khel sirf Shahenshah ke maan ke liye khelaa hai. Humein kisi puruskaar ki koi iccha nahiin hai."

So, said Jodha and Jalaal raised his eyebrows at her. "Shahenshah ka maan"... or should i say "honour of my husband, Jalaal" ? ...I have side time and again, Jodha honours everything about being Jalaal's wife except the conjugal duties. And now, its either Jodha's shocked sensitivity at Jalaal's so-called cruelty or else shadows of emotions are beginning to find their way in.

How?... Check this out. Last we checked, Jodha has pre-decided on her pre-conceived notions that Jalaal is a tyrant - heartless, cruel, killer and a first rate reincarnation of Satan. So, she has/had no expectations from this marriage. Her only hitch was that Jalaal shouldn't try to get sexual with her - even that was sorted as Jalaal promised her that he will not touch her sexually... All good fun, right?...apparently, no ...Jodha is not able to DETACH herself from Jalaal and his shenanigans.Jalaal is this , he is that - he is a bad man, he is a bad king, he is all the evil things in the world! SO WHAT?... Its none of your business Jodha because he is of no importance to you. So, why go and cry rivers in front of Lord Krishna and ask HIM - " Why did you get me married to someone like him?"... You are not supposed to cry over Jalaal, Jodha. Your reaction should have been of hatred, of disgust and angry tears for that poor Hindu family. Ye...dukh waale aansu kahaan se beech meinn aa gayye? ... Watch it Jodha. Your hatred for Jalaal is not cold and bitter as it should be... its turning emotional.

Don't react emotionally to Jalaal, Jodha. Your hatred for him is emotional and this MIGHT be your failing in keeping your word of hating him till you die. He is your hubby and you have a different-level relationship with him... aur iss baat se tumhe farak padta hai. Maan bhi lo.

Coming to Jalaal... well, jaise humein Jodha ki na-ummedi qubool nahiin hai, Jalaal ko Jodha ki na-farmaani manzoor nahiin hai. By hook or crook, even if he has to handcuff Jodha , he will get her to accept the Shaahi-Farmaan. But today, its not about his bull fights with Jodha... its about the huge void inside Jalaal...

You can fill your life with everything , your tummy with food , your dry throat with water , but your heart? The heart refuses to be filled with anything except UNCONDITIONAL FLAWLESS LOVE. That is what Jalaal doesn't have in his life. Yes, it was just a matter of arrogant pride when Jalaal, appalled that someone dared to comment on him and Jodha , impulsively sent the poor couple to prison. If Jalaal was wrong, even that couple should have chosen the right word keeping in mind that its the 15th century social divide. But what was it that pushed Jalaal's arrogance and surface cruelty to the bay? A child's innocent question that how is he going to live without love and nurturing( parents)?... Those tears that sprung up in Jalaal's eyes were of a longing of love , compassion and being embraced with emotional security.

THIS is what the distance is between Jalaal and his journey to becoming the historical Jalaaluddin Mohammad Akbar. A heart that wants to be filled with love , compassion and nurturing. A heart that stands in equal rights with his mind and the arrogance/pride/aggression learn to be sensible. Why do you think Ruqqaiya lowered her eyes when Jalaal mentioned ' a lonely heart'? Because she knows that she is Jalaal's BFF, his wife since childhood but she is not the warm fluid that can fill his heart that still breathes in longing and emotional hunger.

The problem is that in the bids to make Jalaal a flawless king , Bairam, Maham and even Jalaal's biological parents fell short in nurturing his heart. They trained his mind but left the heart confused in its infancy.

Unless Jodha sees this void in Jalaal and lets go of her hate-anthems, she will continue getting angst-y over Jalaal and his non-existent cruelty that is more a part of her conditioned hallucinations than Jalaal's reality.

As for Ruqqu, jo guroor aur swabhimaan mein farak na samjhe, wo apne aap hi apni kabar ka samaan hotaa hai. Enough said.

Hyperwati may have read Jodha's fake act but if she has read Jalaal right , unlike her daughter , she is still gonna have hopes that maybe Jalaal will be that ideal damaad someday.

Adham howling at Jalaal in Diwaan-E-Aam was too much creative liberty. Nobody could speak to a Mughal emperor like that in 1500s - especially when you know how aggressive and law-and-order-types the Mughals were.

Anyway, a good episode indeed. We saw Jodha's rising emotion meter in hating Jalaal and Jalaal's craving to be loved like he has never been. There are cracks in Jodha's hatred and Jalaal has a hollow heart.


credits Jodha Akbar Zee TV

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