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WU:6th march- Bhabo lets Sandhya attend day college

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WU:6th march- Bhabo lets Sandhya attend day college

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-07, 09:02

Chavvi sees the college admission letter and is shocked to know that it is from college confirming Sandhya’s admission into day college shift. Meena thinks it is Suraj’s work while he negates it. Bhabasa finally tells everyone that that it was Bhabo’s work. Bhabo had met the college principal and had done this arrangement for Sandhya. Bhabo says that she did this as she doesn’t feel good if the DiL of the house goes out at night. But Bhabasa asks her to agree that she loves and cares for her DiL. Meena wonders if the 3 pots will be used only to fill water, Bhabo says that the conditions are still valid- But she is only giving a fair chance for Sandhya to defend her views. Sandhya happily hugs and thanks Bhabo.

Daisa comes there with few other ladies to invite them for their area Annual celebrations. Meena gibes them for their behavior when the family was blamed for the jewelry theft, But Bhabo wants to forget the incident and let go. She tells them that the family will participate.

Daisa, Chavi and Mohit have banter about the competition enrollment.

Mohit gets a call from Emily, She wants him to meet him immediately, she is in need of some help. But Mohit lies that he is busy at office and will not be able to come. He also lies to Bhabo that it is a call from office. Meena watches the entire phone convo as well as the lies to bhabo and is suspicious of his lies to both the ladies. She picks up Mohit’s mobile which is lying on the bed and gives back a call to the last dialed number. She lets Emily know indirectly that Mohit is at home and has lied to her as she answers Emily with her name(Meena Bhabhi)

Rathis go to the Annual celebrations and are looking at the handicraft items displayed there. Sandhya likes some hand painted ceramic jars and shows it to everyone. When they are about to buy it, a girl who looks like a Christian reaches there and hugs the lady who is selling those jars. She apologies for being late, but the lady says that she is just starting the sale. She also introduces the girl as her DiL to the Rathis. Bhabo is not impressed and she moves from there not wanting to buy those jars. Everyone move away from there and Sandhya apologizes to the lady.

Meena assumes that Bhabo refused to buy the jar based on religion, and taunts Mohit that if his mom is not ready to buy jars made by a Christian, how will she accept a Christian DiL. Mohit is worried.

A contest is announced for the couples. (The husband has to apply makeup for his wife in three minutes) and Meena and Vikram move forward to participate. Bhabasa wants to participate with Bhabo, but Bhabo encourages Sandhya and Suraj to participate in it.

Precap: Chotu cheers for Suraj, Bhabo cheers for her sons. The countdown to the finish starts.

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Re: WU:6th march- Bhabo lets Sandhya attend day college

Post by slmu on 2013-03-07, 10:49

Thanks Vi.. so Sandhya goes to college with Bhabho's blessing.. very nice :)

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