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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Update - 20th August 2013

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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Update - 20th August 2013

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-20, 22:16

bidaai of surya

bhabhasa emotional and hugs suraj and says will you leave your father and go.surya seek for blessings from bhabho,bhabho lifts her hand and stops.suraj says he will return soon
suraj says the way you brought sandy as lakshmi into this house within 15 days
similarly you will get your son and DIL back into this house within 15 days,iam still your same shravan kumar son and sandy will be your DIL even after she becomes IPS
and says a mother’s blessings never goes waste.he says this house has not spilit and will never split because the head of the family is bhabho and bhabhasa may be he will return before 15 days and wishes everyone

mohit hugs suraj chavi is emotional and hugs bhabhasa bhabho stops when surya are in the threshold of the house everyone are pleased but she says you have opted to leave the house so returning to RM will be your choice and i will not come to take you both
even if you wait for 15 years i wont come suraj says he has vishwas that she will come

bhabho watches surya from mandir window .sandy turns around and looks at hanuman gali and their house suraj makes a call and enquires about the arrangement for house
the broker says he can arrange only tomorrow morning till that they have to adjust
suraj says they have to stay in a hotel they reach a hotel and the receptionists says there is no room vacant scenes shifts to RM, the house is still dark everyone gloomy looking at each others faces .

 bhabho in kitchen says to meena what if suraj left the house she has two more sons and that suraj is not thier only son can a mother be such a stone hearted person and that too for surajhow can bhabho be so stubborn but we will have more of surya bhabho is preparing for dinner and says to mohit to give the tawa for repair bhabho makes roti but keeps thinking of suryashe orders meena and emily to make arrangement for dinnertime says jethji and jethaniji…bhabho interrupts what if they leave should we mourn or die out of hunger what if suraj has left RM she has two more sonsand nothing will change everything will remain the sameshe keeps calling everyone for dinner and they come reluctantly
the scene freezes on bhabho’s worried face

precap; suraj says the situation may be difficult …


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