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Dialogue of the day Jodha Akbar 20Aug13

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Dialogue of the day Jodha Akbar 20Aug13

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-08-21, 16:29

Dialogue of the day

Jalal - Zindagi mein aisa pehli baar hua tha ki hame neend nahi aa rahi thi Jodha..Uss din yeh keh kar hum keval cheenna jaante hai tumne hamari neend cheenli thi..!!

Jodha - Hume toh pata bhi nahi tha ki hamare baaton ka aap par prabhav padne laga hai..Aap prathishodh ki bhaavna mein jal rahe hum apne vivashtha mein din raat kaat rahe the..Aap kehte rahe ki aap prem nahi kar sakte kyunki aapke paas hriday nahi..parantu aap ye nahi jaante the ki prem ho ya ghrinah dono hriday se hi kiye jaate hain..aapka hriday na hone ka dam kitna asathya tha na shahenshah..!!

Credits Lynnie ....

Souls of ja made a comeback in todays episode♥

Both the souls and present day jalaal was having a sleepless night , but both his begums jodha and rukaiya were sound asleep!

Most likely Ruqu is going to use this incident and team up with MA. This was she will kill two or may be three birds with one stone. First bird is MA will be thankful to her for saving Adham. Second bird is hurting Jodha by bringing Motibai down. Third bird is by telling Jalal to punish motibai so that Jodha is forced to use the shahi farman. Jalal will then like her idea because she will convince him that motibai is at fault. 

It was a cute scene when Jalal was affected by Jodha's talk and couldnt sleep. It will be good if Jodha gets to know about some of Jalal's good deeds and starts thinking about him. Then we can say 'aag dono taraf barabar hai'. What do you all say?

Finally CVs gave us what we wanted, loved the epi to the core especially that mazar convo. Akdha were spectacular

Credits Lynnie 

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