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Qubool Hai - Written Episode - 22nd August 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Episode - 22nd August 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-08-22, 22:29

The episode starts with Ayaan getting very upset with Imran for bringing the rishta to their house. Asad comes inbetween to stop Ayaan from hitting Imran. Ayaan tells Asad not to come inbetween this issue. He further adds that since its his sister's relation getting fixed he would be calm. He further adds that Asad hasn't understood Nikat's feelings. Asad is hurt by this and explains that Nikhat is as important as Najma. This falls in Ayaan's deaf ears. He again moves forward to hit Imran who is the main reason for this drama( and who by the way is again standing like a statue worth beaten)Shocked .  This time its Nikhat who stops Ayaan and explains its not anyone's mistake. She further explains the phone call that Asad made to her and also adds that she was the one who broke the engagement and therefore Imran has got all the rights to move forward in his life. Haseena and her relative are enjoying this drama between the two families.
 Nikhat congragulates her sister and Imran for finding their love. She wishes them and requests her family that its time for them to leave. The scene shifts to Ayaan and his family entering his reisdence. Nuzat is happy that everyone is back but one look at their faces tells her that "all is not well". Nikhat drinks a glass of water she tells her servant that she is very hungry. Her parents watch her before they could ask her whether everything is ok, she replies telling them that she is perfectly fine and not to worry about her. She tells the same to Imran and walks to her room to change her cloths.
The scene shifts to Asad's resisdence where Dilshad is questioning Haseena Bi's behaviour. She tells Asad and Zoya it was not right on her part to call Rashid'd family if Haseena wanted to fix the alliance with Najma. Zoya (mother of all solutions and stuff - uf Evil or Very Mad ) intervens and explains that we should leave Haseena Bi out and think about Imran and Najma. She points out as to how Imran stood by Najma and told everyone he loves her. She requests Dilshad and Asad to think about Imran and Najma and to perform their wedding at the earliest. Najma who is listening to this standing behind a pillar is happy hearing the word wedding and rushes to her rooom. Zoya also points out as to how Nikhat had handled the situation with maturity.
The scene moves to Nikhat who is in her bathroom standing before the mirror. In the presence of on one she lets her feelings take hold of her. She opens her shower and lets her tears mingle with the water. She stops the shower and vows to never cry over this issue again.
Asad and the rest of the family at the dining table. Dilshad tells them that Haseena Bi called and asked them to meet tomorrow for finalising the date of the marriage. Asad asks his mum the reason for rushing this wedding. Dilshad tells him that Imran's uncle is coming from USA and he wouldn't be able to come again. Agian Zoya interfers and tells them that the wedding has to happen so why not soon. Asad tells his mum that we will see Haseena Bi tomorrom. Zoya opens her mouth again and Asad cuts her off telling that he knows what has to be done. His mind again replays Ayaan's words and he leaves the dining table withour having his dinner.
The scene shifts to Ayaan's residence where everyone is getting ready for dinner. Manujaan consoles Rashid telling him that its best that the alliance broke. He further adds that they will find a nice boy for Nikhat from a good family. Rashid feels better hearing this from Manujaan. Ayaan asks Humeira about Nikhat, but she directs her answer towards Shirin and ignores him. Nikhat comes down for her dinner and Shirin asks her if she wants Roti. Just then Raziya comes with hot rotis. Everyone is shocked. Humeira who is completely unaware of the whole incident is very happy to see her mum rushes towards her and hugs her. Shirin asks Humeira to get some roti for Nikhat and Humeira goes to the kitchen to get it. Mamujaan asks Raziya as to how she came out. Raziya tells everyone that she escaped.
Precap : Asad is trying to explain to Ayaan that both Nikhat and Najma are equally important to him.

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