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Qubool Hai--This Week Review (18th-23rd August 2013)

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Qubool Hai--This Week Review (18th-23rd August 2013)

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-08-24, 17:54

Hello Quboolhians....this was was drama drama drama: I am looking forward to more......especially when the cat gets out the bag!


We have witnessed  the revelations of the truth! Najma and Imran  prem kahani to the Khan Khaandaans and Humeria's memory returns .....where her "world came crashing down" she remembered how the love of her life rejected her.Various emotions were witnessed. Finally Ayaan has declared his love to himself.Ayan has shown his pain of regret and has shown real concern and compassion,he is owning up to his errs. Another lover boy was forced to declare his love, we have seen Imran took a stance twice,Geez he took so long, one where he stood up to his mother for her acceptance over  his relationship with Najma and the other against Ayaan.

Mother-daughter bond

Despite Shireen's dumbness and oblivious to the  madness that occurs around her.I applaud her this week.We have see her joys and sorrow behind her Nikhaat. Shireen stood up against Haseenabhi, she stood up against Asad and Rashid. I guess like Dilshad ,she can tolerate anything against her  but not her babies ( A lioness protecting her cubs). Although Dilshad had very little input, She did display some remorse in the circumstance placed upon them. Haseenabhi really played them all a nasty hand and came out the winner. Dilshad is joyous for her daughter but has her reservations on the relationship with Imran. Now everything is out, she can put full energies into her children's marriage.

Siblings bond

This was the HIGHLIGHT of the week was the siblings bonds, We have seen that brotherly- sisterly bond between Asad and Najma as well  as Ayaan and Nikhaat. Asad wished Najma had revealed what was in  her heart 3 years ago. Nonetheless, he wants her happy and to have the love she dreamed about. After all he knows how love can be painful and beautiful too. Although Najma rekindled her relationship she has proven to be mature and showed real tehzeeb by still having concern for Nikhaat. Ayaan and Nikhaat have  a certain closeness that is far beyond Asad and Najma. They read each other like an open book, she feels his pain and she feels his. Despite Nikhaat's reassurance to both brothers, Ayaan knows better, he knows her to every last detail. Love the hug and reassurance between Asad and Nikhaat. Nikhaat's emotional roller coaster  ride was the dynamite of the week. She has shown real courage, maturity and at same time she  accepted that she will no longer cry over this situation (Great message here, be strong! You do not have to kill yourself over a man!) Nikhaat has shown she is made of real substance and dignity. The man she marries will have a great woman in his care. Imran was not deserving of her and Najma will have a lot to contend with.

I was happy to see the brotherly bond reattached and stronger than ever, thank goodness this story line was not dragged,but I do not think the matter is completely over and done with. The bond between Asad and Ayaan has always been a beautiful highlight of the series from day one, even with the change of  Ayaan. This bond has been challenged and tried,yet the reformation seem to always capture me. Asad has proven once again that his brother means more to him than anything else even sacrificing Najma's happiness. I loved the emotional drama between these two. Ayaan was not selfish either to his sisters, in fact all he wanted was Asad to show his concern and understand Nikhaat the way he does. Both brothers hug, with much hesitancy  from Ayaan. The love between the brothers impresses me more than Asya.


The Knok Jhok between these two was a comical relief, I enjoyed the English teacher's  episode and Zoya's craziness. KSG did look better this week and better acting.I can see the henpecked Asad lessening a bit! Phew!


Razia is back with a bang! this woman is fortunate becuase she seems to be needed whenever she is about to fall. I wonder what is she going to do next.....time to gul to find a new villian. I miss Billo Rani  meoow meoow 

Zoya's interference irritates me, she seems to be assuming the role of the head of the family. Dilshaad? Why isn't she saying something ..can't she remember the insult Haseenbhi payed her at the Walima?


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Re: Qubool Hai--This Week Review (18th-23rd August 2013)

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-26, 11:40

An awesome analysis Zainab :) :) Thumbsup 

I loved and absolutely agree with you...on sibling bond--Ayan--Nikhat's bond is much more deep than Asad-Najma.

Zai.....u have beautifully portrayed the bonds, yup it was all about core relationships for all the characters :) 

And yes, Zoya is irritating me too :(

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