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Saraswathichandra Written Update 28-8-13

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Saraswathichandra Written Update 28-8-13

Post by Maria J on 2013-08-28, 20:17

Episode begins with Khumud entering her room and the light gone.. She trips but is caught by Pramad.. He makes her sit on the bed and comes closer to Khumud.. Khumud is awkward and scared.. He brings a lighted match stick to her face and asks her how close were she with SC.. 

Khumud goes away from him and tells that she will answer all his questions.. Khumud tells him that he had promised to answer her questions.. He gets irritated and asks her whether she expects him to answer her questions.. She replies she is sure he will share his troubles with her.. 

She asks him why he did he hurt his mom.. Pramad says that no one cared for him not even his mother.. He says his mother didn’t support him but his father and only Kalika cared for him.. Khumud remembers her MIL’s words of sending food through Kalika when Pramad’s dad locked him in the room.. She thinks that drinking is not Pramad’s weakness but Kalika’s lies and she decides that she will expose Kalika’s intentions.. 

Scene shifts to the mandir,
Servant and Kalika are working.. Khumud comes and checks the preparations of puja.. She sends Kalika to throw away the garbage.. Khumud’s MIL comes and praises Khumud’s preparations.. She says she was always sad on janmashtami that her house in problems.. Khumud says that Pramad will change and win over his bad habits.. 

Kalika hears this and is unhappy.. Khumud asks about what should be prepared.. Khumud’s MIL suggests to prepare sweet.. Kalika buts in and tells Pramad likes rabdi and jalebi made by her.. She shows off about knowing Pramad’s likes.. Khumud’s MIL also agrees that Kalika took care of Pramad’s needs.. 

Khumud replies that she is here to take care of Pramad and relive Kalika of this job forever.. Khumud’s MIL leaves and Khumud reminds Kalika about the garbage and then leaves.. Kalika thinks that since Khumud has come her life is hell and so she will send off Khumud from the house.. 

Scene shifts to Khumud and her MIL discussing when the servant passes to leave for bazaar.. Khumud tells him to get stuff for preparing sweet.. The servant leaves.. Khumud’s MIL asks about the jhoola and Khumud says Khusum is best for it.. Khusum comes and is given the job.. 

She leaves and then Khumud’s MIL tells Khumud to go with Pramad for buying the balgopal murthi but she says that Pramad may not like it.. She suggests that she will go with Kalika instead..

Kalika is in Pramad’s room where Pramad is sleeping when Khumud’s MIL calls Kalika.. Kalika goes and Khumud’s MIL tells her to go with Khumud to buy the balgopal’s murthi.. She is not happy but then when she saw SC coming up on the stairs.. She intentionally falls after bumping with him..

She asks SC to go with Khumud.. Khumud’s MIL also agrees and SC had no option but to agree.. She is happy that her plan created problem for Khumud and SC..

SC and Khumud go to the bazaar and SC makes her way easier.. SC tells their destination is here.. Khumud thanks him to help her reach her destination.. SC says the destination is a few steps away.. Khumud tells he needn’t have come so far.

SC says that he will help her always.. Khumud asks him so much that he will make Pramad meet SC.. SC replies that once Pramad knows about SC all her troubles will be over.. SC says that the major problem is Kalika and they need to solve it.. Khumud goes to the shop to purchase the murthi.. SC and Khumud are in jeep.. Khumud tells him that Kalika has made Pramad so lonely.. SC says that they need to make Pramad aware of his parents love for him..

Scene shifts to Khumud’s room, 
Kalika tiptoes and tries searches Khumud’s cuboard for the matching pair of earrings which she found in SC’s room.. Pramad is asleep and turns in his sleep.. Kalika is scarred..

Precap: SC asks the servant if Pramad is awake.. Pramad comes and tells SC that he was searching for him and where was he.. SC tells he had gone to bazaar with Khumud.. SC tells he can’t ask Khumud about Saraswatichandra in the house.. 

Disclaimer: Exclusive copyright belongs to dhwaniforum and it should not be published anywhere without due permission.

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