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Jodha Akbar - 28.August.2013

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Jodha Akbar - 28.August.2013

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-08-28, 23:49

YAY for Jodha! The woman remains undaunted when it comes to doing the right thing --- on two counts:
·         This might be the first woman who has denied the Shah-en-shah’s request for a promise. I wish she’d asked him – what might happen in a few months when it would be apparent that she wasn’t expecting?
Anyhow, thankfully, Jalal didn’t pursue his bright idea.
What Jodha had requested was for a son to appeal to his mother for her health’s sake.
What Jalal decided to do was trick his wife in the garb of protecting his mother.
·         Jodha nearly had a panic attack when she heard Jalal’s idea. She probably had a bad night. Yet in the morning, after her Pooja, she decides to carry the ‘aarti-ki-thaali’ to the man she hates … er… detests.
She knows how to not get carried away by her emotions and focus on doing the right thing.
If nothing else, Jalal needs to appreciate the level-headedness. Though I think he does, which is why he has changed the tactics.
Another chance for Jalal to tease Jodha. The poor woman trying to teach Jalal about the aarti ki thaali – quite against her wish. Jalal did what he knew – both with the thaali and with Jodha.
Jodha… on your guard, girl. Jalal has changed the sword for a flirty streak – but his goal is still constant.
Ruqaiya has got her prayer answered. She’s not only expecting the heir to Jalal’s throne – she is also on her way to achieve her ambitions.
I do agree I misjudged Ruqaiya on two counts:
·         All the sympathy I felt for her when she saw Rahim and Jalal playing – was effectively washed away today. She looked up all pure joy and thankfulness when she offered thanks for the baby --- and as her eyes turned back to earth, the evil-mad-scientist grin and laughter returned.
[Good work by Lavina.]
·         Her ambition is not limited to the Harem. She was the position of Maaham Anga. Ruqaiya doesn’t forget a defeat. She hasn’t forgotten the chess defeat and an ever bigger one – at the hands of Maaham.  Now she’s gotten a promise from Jalal to get from him her heart’s desire.
She’d gone in over-confident at both times and she lost miserably.
Jalal is ecstatic. His prayer is answered.  But again… Jalal misjudged Ruqaiya this time … and on two counts!!
·         Poor chap! He thought Ruqaiya was going to lie for Ammi Jaan. No, Jalal. You, of all people, should know that Ruquiya’s heart is big enough for only herself. She would not do anything for anyone, born of plain concern.
·         And yet again --- he’s promised her anything. Going by the past, one can’t really blame him, but after what happened with Jodha, one would think the man would pick some lessons on how women worked their way with unconditional promises. But no!
Anyhow, Jalal has got some big time pampering to do for Ruqaiya … but then he’s quite trained on that one thing! Ruqu darlin’ has done a good job of getting the king to be hen-pecked.
Maaham… it was really cute – the scene with her daughter-in-law. Just last night, I wished you a rather different DIL … more shrewd … just like you.
She’s well spotted the real danger. She knows Ruqaiya would not stop at anything this time. It isn't going to be cake walk taking the cake from her grip.

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