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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2013 Written Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2013 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2013-08-29, 21:39

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Suraj asking sandy whether she bought that by taking the weight of that. Sandy asks him back then how else… Sandy asks him whether he doesn’t like that. Suraj tells that 5kg vessel doesn’t mean its weight but its capacity… Sandy tells that she doesn’t knew. Suraj tells that he will use it some way… & asks about other groceries. Sandy goes on to show him the huge groceries. Suraj’s mouth takes exactly a “O” shape out of shock & asks this much huge grocery. Sandy tells wit happiness that she met bhabo & copied bhabo as such & her energy wasn’t wasted… Suraj is shocked & worried that bhabo didn’t tell a single word seeing sandy too.. Sandy asks him whether she did the right… He tells that it is good & asks her to close the door so that no one can see. (nazar na lage)… Sandy asks him whether he is not returning back the vessel. Sura replies that it would help in filling water…

Mohit is leaving somewhere. Emily asks him about the same. Mohit taunts her saying that what else should he do.. keep quiet till bhabo come & ask him money & taunts her for not winning the competition &asks her to tell bhabo how stupid & seless son he is … Adds that he will return only late night.. Emily is worried…

In ViNa ‘s shop.

Meena tells that she wishes that there is only one month in a calendar as it is the month of festival. Vikram asks her to shut up. They see mohit leaving. Vikram wonders from where mohit would give money as he is doing a less job in bank & offers to give money on his behalf. Meena asks him whether he would give his mouth when he is hungry. By doing that he will spoil mohit. & warns him that he would cut her throat if he does that & also cries… Vikram asks her not to shed false tears. Vikram tells that Suraj will come back within 15 days & take over RM. Meena tells that she doesn’t feel so… Neitherr bhabo is worried nor Surya . Even if suraj comes forward Sandy will never allow… Vikram tells that he is not mohit & he is suraj & he knows about him very well. He asks her to bet on him. ViNa. makes a bet…

Sandy comes with a bag & meena notices her. She thinks that there is no one to stop her… Sandy asks suraj whether they can leave. Suraj asks dillu to manage the shop as he might come late & SurYa leave. Meena notices all these & follows them… SurYa pick up one rickshaw & meena follows them in another rickshaw even vikram tries to question her.

SurYa reach Main market. Sandy tells him that because of her he was out of his shop even on festival season. Suraj tells that it is ok & he never wants her face to loose its charm. Sandy tells him that he is talking like he is following her every instruction & asks him to follow atleast today. Suraj is shocked & couldn’t step back too… Sandy smiles at him…

Meena wonders where are they going as she has lost them in crowd…

Meena gives 500 rs & the rickshaw man tells that he has no change. Meena out of urge asks everyone but finds at last… but misses surYa. & is worried & promises to find them… She will not leave them & leaves her chat order .. The shop keeper calls her to take that but she goes on to follow surya…

Meena notices SurYa entering bank & thinks that it is money’s matter for sure & decides to follow them…She looks at them hiding & finds them withdrawing money from bank… She reads car loan & wonders whether they are taking loan for car. Then they move under Home loan ad.. & thinks that they are buying one home.


Emily thinks to tell the truth to bhabo as it is better than lying.

Down bhabo is cleaning lanterns & asks chaturi to keep each one to keep on vikram, Suraj, Mohit, Chavi’s room. Babasa & chaturi notices that. Bhabo quickly manages to tell that it would be helpful for guests…Bhabo asks vikram to buy some thing for the sake of Emily’s fd. Emily is confused at her words…

Vikram asks what FD. He asks her whether they gave money.

Bhabo tells that yes & asks him to take care. Vikram is confused…Emily wonders why she lied as why did she do so???

Babasa asks bhabo from when she started lying He tells that chote beendani didn’t give anything. Bhabo tells that it is for keeping the family united. Adds that if the truth comes out before ViNa, then they will mock Momily & kill them by their words. Babasa tells that she is following it for only one son. Bhabo tells that she doesn’t want to talk about the same. Emily from balcony thinks to self that even after knowing all the truth she kept mum to save them. Emily has tears.

Precap: In the aangan Meena tells bhabo that she saw Surya withdrawing whole lot of 50000 Rs & boarding a bus to Mount Abu… No one is ready to believe


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