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Question time I mean prashna ka uthar deejiye

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Question time I mean prashna ka uthar deejiye

Post by clarissasham on 2013-08-30, 14:19

1.   where zoya went ???  missed epi
2.   why rajveer looked like one from Edward cullens family???? Answer please
3.   what humi plans to do --- starve to death i mean by not taking medicines
4.   there is talk on love triangle;- how as ayan already loves humi or whther he will be affected with ranji syndrome . nahi maloom …whether he sill lose memory
5 So this q is dedicated to my soul sister shesherkobita aka sabi who asked the same
imran and najma known each since last three years I guess and fell in love
then break up
Imi meets T and T gets preggy
so T is with Imis kid for how many months
 Why Asad not going to office
6 if not going to office why he is wearing suit 24 /7
5.   what was the need for zoya to dance on ha wa hawai and shock us beyond repair



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