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Was Akbar a "Taara Zameen Par"??

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Was Akbar a "Taara Zameen Par"??

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-30, 14:28

The soul talk when Jalal refers to him as jaahil anpadh ;
the hurt look he gave to Ruks when she asked him to read Jodha's poem...

Do they convey more than what meets our ears and eyes?

History authors say that Akbar was unable to read or write because of dyslexia; He practiced key skills like hunting, but never learned to read (perhaps due to a learning disability?). Nonetheless, throughout his life, Akbar had texts on philosophy, history, religion, science and other topics read to him, and could recite long passages of what he had heard from memory.

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Re: Was Akbar a "Taara Zameen Par"??

Post by clarissasham on 2013-08-31, 10:19

hum may be he was . but its sad though ha tried to counter that disablity with other ablities

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