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Beautiful Collage--New Promo!!!!

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Beautiful Collage--New Promo!!!!

Post by pollyanna on 2013-08-30, 17:23

New promo

Asad blindfolds Zoya and leads her into a burnt factory/house. 
Zoya is happy and amused she walks pass by Tanveer, who has an evil smirk on her face.
Zoya goes into a new Room and finds a happy Humera who also passes by her. 
Zoya is about to fall in the other room, Ayaan catches her. 
Next scene
Asad comes in between with a What is going on face and Zoya turns her face away so does Ayaan.

Credit--Sharda Batoon

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Re: Beautiful Collage--New Promo!!!!

Post by Sharda Batoon on 2013-08-30, 19:31

Awesome! Thank you

Sharda Batoon

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