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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update- 30th August 2013

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update- 30th August 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-08-30, 18:31

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update- 30th August 2013

The episode starts with Aastha refusing the alliance straight away. She reacts immediately showing her displeasure which plants a doubt in her mother's mind. She queries Aastha as to why she is reacting to this proposal when her demeanour to other proposals weren't like this. This question leaves Aastha with no choice but to disclose her encounter with Shlok. She tells her mum that Shlok is not a decent guy. Her mum listens to her explanation but tells her that this issue should be handled with care. Her father and Aagi were mute spectators to the entire exchange between Aastha and her mum.
At Niranjan's residence, he is requesting his son to re-consider his decision and move in. Shlok tells him that he cannot and further requests his dad to understand. His dad tells him that his age and heart are both unwilling to accept his son's decision. He tells him that he considers Shlok as his next successor in business. He further tells him that he has found a girl for him. He requests Shlok to look at the girl before deciding. Shlok firmly rejects the proposal put forth by his dad. He walks out of his room to find his mum at the entrance. They have a silent argument through their eyes before Shlok moves out. He opens the study which looks like its been locked for ages. There are spider webs and dirt everywhere. Shlok looks at the floor and sees the imprint of the ashes. The familier flashback of a girl happily smiling and the sound of her laugh and bangles comes to his mind. In anger he trashes the books from the shelves. He also burns the books and the picture of the girl. Flashback ends with Shlok staring at the ashes.
Aastha's mum and dad are discussing about Aastha in their room. Her mum points out that Aastha had never raised her voice before. Just then Aastha knocks on their room and comes in with a sweet box and asks for their forgiveness. She also gives them a scale and asks them to beat her as punishment. Her father tells her that they had never beaten her before and would never do so now. Since Aastha had realised her mistakes they are happy to forgiver her. Aastha again tells them that Shlok doesn't respect girls and therefore she doesn't want to marry him. Her dad tells her not to worry and then he would inform Niranjan Sahib that they couldn't accept his proposal. Aastha is happy to hear this.
Next day at the sweet shop she asks her Aagi if her parents discussed about her. Her Aagi tells her not to stress about anything and this makes Aastha happy. Aastha tells her Aaji that she cannot come to the temple as her dad had given her some work at the collector's office. Aagi tells her not to do anything crazy. Aastha promises to comeback soon after finishing her work.
Shlok gets ready for work. Her brother comes in and greets Shlok and further asks him as to why he is going to work today as he had only come for two days from Bombay. Shlok tells him that he just cannot sit without going to work. Before leaving his brother asks him to move back to the house again. He tells him its best to face the situation than to run from it. He asks him about the girl who came to attend the pooja. Shlok gets angry thinking about Aastha.
Niranjan discusses with his wife about the alliance he chose for Shlok. Anjali gets shocked when she comes to know that her husband had chosen Aastha. He tells her that he likes that girl for Shlok. Anjali isn't completely happy with the proposal but accepts for her husband's sake.
Anjali comes to the dining table to check if everything is in order. She gives an angry look at her DIL when the set-up isn't perfect. Her DIL immediately corrects the setting. Niranjan, Shlok and his brother come to the dining table. Niranjan's grand daughter greets him with a smile and tells him that she wants to sit next to him and have her breakfast. Shlok smiles at his niece fondly. But Anjali makes sure that the grand daughter is taken to her room and fed. This doesn't go well with Shlok but at the same time he doesn't react. He passes his wishes to his elder brother on the article written by him. His dad immediately wishes Shlok on his achievement. Just then a phone call comes and Anjali picks up the call and places it near her husband's ears. After the conversation is over Niranjan announces that Shlok will be given an award for his work. Every one is happy and they wish Shlok.
Aastha walks to the collector's office and she slighly slips and one of her sandles falls near the tyre of the four wheeler. She tries her best to retrive her sandles. Shlok comes and finds Aastha near his car. He accuses her of trying to puncture his car. She tells him that she was only trying to take her sandle.
At Shlok's house, Athul comes in and meets Anjali. He tells her that they weren't able to accept their proposal. Anjali gets angry for rejecting their proposal.
Pre-cap : Shlok drives the car very rash and fast and Aastha is asking him to be drive slowly and carefully.

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Re: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update- 30th August 2013

Post by zuzana on 2013-08-31, 10:08

Thanks sharmi for the brilliant update.


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