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Spoilers !!.. 02Sept13 upcoming track of Qubool Hai

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Spoilers !!.. 02Sept13 upcoming track of Qubool Hai

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-01, 23:15

1. Humaira's behavior is getting out of control, and she's really rude to Ayaan. He won't be able to take this anymore, and hence he will confess his love for her. After some time, she will realize her mistake and accept him. 

2. There is NO ZOYAAN TRACK! Calm yourself people, and even if there was one, it wouldn't last long because Ayaan knows Asad and Zoya love each other, so that's pointless. Plus, he's already getting back with Humaira

3. Tanveer is coming back, but not to ruin Asya, in fact Imran and Najma. She's not stupid enough to try and create a drift between Asya, that's also pointless. She in turn will try and blackmail Imran for more money and when he doesn't agree, she will bring out the truth of her pregnancy to Najma. Asad won't be able to take this so all in all, it is kind of affecting Asya.

****Plus that perverted dude already there to try and create a drift between Asya so its pointless for Tanveer****

4. Ranvir / Rajvir is eyeing Zoya in a perverted way and Asad doesn't like it. This is the third person in their love story and he will try and create a drift between Asya. It will seem to be successful but it wont be as Asad is there  

5. (NOT SURE) I really don't know about this one but if there was to be a Zoyaan track, then it will probably be that of friendship. He will ask her to help him with Humaira and she'll happily do so. 

6. As for the Father-Daughter track between Zoya and Siddique. It seems as if its on a halt right now but Tanveer will be using that against Zoya sometime soon. 

Anyways, that's all for now and trust me, Gul has already established Asya as a leading pair who are deeply in love with each other so dw, she'll wont make it a love triangle. That would be really stupid anyways! 

keep on watching qubool hai

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