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A Father In Mourning....Vs Innocent Jodha

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A Father In Mourning....Vs Innocent Jodha

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-02, 23:58

A Father In Mourning....Vs innocent  Jodha Lynnie 

Don't judge Jalaal. That one gift he has ever wanted from his life , prayed for night and day, dreamed of every time he has seen a babyface or taken Raheem in his arms - has just bled to death. His mental state can only be imagined and its juvenile to expect sanity and rationality from him. 

As for suspecting Jodha with all evidence pointing against her , we must remember that softness and respect was JUST coming embryo stage. And wham! A treachery brings up the dying flames of animosity. 

Its human. Mistakes happen. People can go weak and irrational - its ok. Neither is Jalaal satanic nor is Jodha a coldstone. 

These are testing times and they, too, shall pass.How will Jodha prove her innocence

I was so positive after the personal visit that Jalal made to thank Jodha for the poem that he would trust her. I guess the relationship between Akdha has barely grown and hence a big incident like this is bound to cause mistrust. 
It will be very interesting to see how Jodha gets herself out of this one. It will be great if Maan Singh can help her in someway as getting out of MA's trap isn't easy. Jalal couldn't do anything when she got khan baba killed or during the Mewar bagawat.

Jodha may be able to prove her innocence following the given facts. It will be a treat to watch how she proves that the drug that was used was not from Amer.
1. The kesar was tasted by MA before reaching Ruqu
2. The milk was brought by a dasi
3. How come MA had a sudden effect of the drug when Ruqu didn't feel anything till much later?
4. Jodha was not involved in getting the Kesar or the milk....

credits Lynnie FB

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