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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir Written Update 3rd September 2013

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir Written Update 3rd September 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-09-03, 19:24

Iss pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir  Written Update 3rd September 2013

The episode starts with Niranjan and his wife getting ready for the award function. They also show Aastha coming to the function with a flower bouquet. Her friend Gowri queries her as to what she is thinking. Aastha tells her that we have got only today to speak to Shlok about their friend. Shlok arrives at the venue. Athul and his wife also arrives. Athul introduces his wife to Niranjan Shaib and Anjali. Anjali is asking about Aastha and his wife tells her that she will also be coming to the function. Everyone gets seated at the venue and Shlok's name gets called to receive the award. Aastha arrives and is trying to speak to Shlok before he gets award.

Shlok is directed to the back stage to get ready to receive his award. He is instructed to come to the state once the video clip gets over and his name is announced. Aastha tells her friend Gowri to wait with her parents. She tells her that she will meet Shlok at the backstage before the award ceremony. The reporter who doesn't like Shlok hears this exchange between Gowri and Aastha. He follows Aastha to the backstage and maintains a safe distance.

Shlok sees Aastha approaching and tells her that even after insulting her, she has the nerve to come and see him again. Aastha tells him that she will settle her score later but she is here for this girl Anjali. She brings out Anjali and Shlok gets the flashback of what happened in the university campus. Aastha tells him that he had allowed the rest of the three boys who stole the exam papers to continue to study in the college but rusticated Anjali, only because she is a girl and her name is Anjali same as his mom. Shlok tells her that its his college and he is free to do anything he wants. This gets telecasted live on stage. Shlok's assitant runs to him and tells them that its all been telecasted live. Aastha and Shlok gets a shock of their life.

His dad approaches him and asks him if whatever he heard Aastha telling Shlok is true or not. Shlok tells him its true. His dad takes him to the stage and takes over from there. He requests Aastha to come on stage and continues telling everyone assembled that for the first time Shlok has hurt him. He further adds that sometimes based on the data available the person tends to make the wrong decision. One such incident is this. This one incident shouldn't tarnish the achievements of Shlok. He congragulates Aastha for fighting for her friend and at the same time he request for forgiveness for what had happened. He invites the student Aajali on stage and requests Shlok to take her back in his college. Shlok quietly agrees to what his dad tells him. His dad also offers Anjali scholarship till she finishes her studies in their college. Anjali (student) gets very happy hearing this.

Everyone is happy at the turn of events. The audience generally discuss that one incident shouldn't be used to judge Shlok. The award function continues and they request the chief guest to present the award. Shlok who was quiet till now tells everyone that he cannot accept the award. He will only accept it once he feels that he deserves it. Saying that he gets down and walks out of the venue. While crossing he feels his mom's accusing tone that he had let down his dad. Finally the reporters catch up to him and the one who doesn't like Shlok gloats in victory. He tries to mock Shlok and his assitant tells Shlok to leave and not to answer the reporter's question. Aastha feels guilty and she comes out of the venue with her friend, right on time to see Shlok staring at them in anger.

Pre-cap: Shlok pulls Aastha and stares at her in anger and its raining.

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