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Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

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Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by sashashyam on 2013-09-04, 02:39


If you are puzzled by my strange get up tonight, let me clarify the matter. I am all togged up in sackcloth and ashes, like the medieval Holy Roman Emperor Gregory when he went barefoot in the winter snow  to Canossa to seek the Pope's pardon. The idea is  to do penance, after having endured the consistently OTT Episode 56 of today,  for having been so dismally wrong with my predictions after Episode 55.  Not that this is anything new, for one of the few points on which I was correct was that I am almost always wrong when I try to second guess the CVs!

I am however convinced that I was also correct on another point, that it was not Sharifuddin. The chap is bothered only about having had to return the money he had extracted from Bharmal, and for the  rest, he is his usual disgruntled self. 

That leaves only Adham Khan, and when he was walking up and down rejoicing at the latest turn of events, it seemed that he was talking to a woman, of whom one could see only the right shoulder and the back. It is difficult to believe that the bull-headed Adham worked out this devious, double target  plot, so perhaps it was the female accomplice whom one glimpsed who is  so amply endowed with the necessary  grey cells (which would automatically rule  out his wife!). One also wonders if Mahaam has any suspicion that it could have been Adham. 

As for Mahaam Anga, I do not hold her having failed me so badly against her, for the glimpse of this new facet of her personality was more than ample compensation. T he gentle thumping noise you hear is me patting myself on the back;  I had written yesterday that Mahaam  has a split personality and today she proved it. 

What I did not expect was that she herself would be in the clear as well; but as she says so to her Girl Friday Resham, one has to take it as the truth. But it was some slight consolation to hear her exclaim that this was precisely the kind of chaal  she would have played, which vindicated me  somewhat. Maybe I can  remove the top layer of the sackcloth!!

Jokes apart, the unshakeable loyalty of Mahaam to the Mughal sultanate first, and then to her bachcha  Jalal, reminded me, curiously enough, of her bte noire Bairam Khan. When  she extends this loyalty to Jalal's child as well, and weeps bitterly for its loss, I was surprised at the cleverness of the CVs in giving her so much added depth and such fascinating nuances.

But why does she, and Adham Khan too, assume that Jalal and Ruqaiya will not have any more children? Surely they still have decades in which to do so?

Jalal I: Jalal II having apparently become roadkill, his fierce alter ego, Jalal I. was the dominant presence from beginning to end today. He was  raging like a rampant bull, accusing, manhandling and threatening Jodha, shutting out all debate in the Diwan-e-Khas and violating Mughal legal norms in his mad rush to railroad Jodha and her brothers to the worst possible punishment for their crime' (but not death, be it noted, for Jodha).

He is impervious to anything and everything " pleas and gentle arguments from Salima Sultan (though it is odd to see her citing Bairam Khan, whose patent solution to most problems was kisika sar kalam karna,  as a model of fairness abd farsightedness for Jalal!), appeals for keeping a cool head from his mother,   the citing of the norms of Mughal justice by his Ministers, and stubborn counter assertions from Mansingh. Any attempt to speak up for Jodha acts as a red rag to a bull .No one, it seems, can reach him and pull him back even an inch.

Jodha: Given no opportunity to speak, Jodha can only stare at Jalal's furious visage  thru  her veil. Even if she had been allowed to speak, what could she have said except that she is not guilty? This apart, she seems blank and shell shocked, and there are no nuances of any kind in her expression.
It was also strange that whereas she is full of sympathy for Ruqaiya on the loss of her child, Jodha does not seem to even realise that it is Jalal who has suffered the far greater loss, and that he is consumed  by bitter grief. She can, it seems, share the sorrow of Ruqaiya, who hates her openly and strongly. But she does not share the agony of her husband who, just the day before, had shown so much warm appreciation for her caring for his child, and had done her unprecedented honour at the jashn.

Her comment about his blaming her family without reason is bizarre, seeing that he has told her that the poison was in the kesar they had brought from Amer. It is very odd that she expresses no shock about this, nor does she wonder how this could have happened.

As for Bhagwan Das and his brother and cousins, they all seem to be assiduously imitating wooden statues. Mansingh, on whom I had set my heart, let me down badly, for he does nothing but put  up Jalal's back even more with his blanket expression of faith in his buasa's innocence.

I could not help thinking that all of Jodha's  chickens " the endless assertions that she hated Jalal and wanted Jalal ka sar - were now coming home to roost, and to deadly effect.  For Jalal believes that she killed his child out of her hatred for him , to hurt him in the worst possible way. Tum mujhse nafrat karti ho na? To mujh par vaar karti. Mere bachche ko kyon mara?  To this belief there is no counter. Jodha has herself made sure of that.

It is this belief that fuels the  blind rage that shuts out  Jalal's sense of justice, his sense of his responsibilities as the final court of appeal, leaving only a burning thirst for revenge. A thirst that is all the more implacable because he knows that lurking in some corner of his being, there is Jalal II. He wants to disown Jalal II completely,  along with the growing softness he had begun to feel for this woman who, he is now convinced, has destroyed what he had wanted and loved more than anything else, his unborn child.

Hamida Banu: With Mahaam Anga keeping her head low, despite being convinced of Jodha's innocence, and Salima routed, it is left to Jalal's  softspoken Ammijaan  to go to bat for Jodha in the Diwan-e-Khas. She does this with a clarity of presentation and a non-confrontational persuasiveness that seem, at last, to give him slight pause.

It is not clear from where she has learnt of the mirchi incident, but the key point  she raises effectively is that the kesar was  tested and approved on arrival, and then handed over to the Mughal keeper of the gifts till it was produced in court at the jashn. Did Jodha, she asks, go and add the poisonous ark to it there ? From this to her assertion that it is all a plot against Jodha is but a step. But then all she seeks is a chance for Jodha  to state her side of the case, and as noted above, I do not see how her denial of any guilt can help exculpate Jodha.

As for Jalal, it does not seem that he is convinced, but at least he will now  not pronounce an immediate punishment, which is a major gain. Hamida Banu could not prove Jodha innocent, but she has bought her some time. Time during which Jalal's red hot rage might cool down somewhat, and prise open the door that he has shut in the face of justice and the rule of law.

The precap seems to show that the Amer lot are now not under arrest. But Jalal still  believes them guilt of a saazish, and it is not clear what their response will be to his question, which indicates that he intends to tell Bharmal everything.  Jodha, presumably as keen as ever to keep her parents in the dark about the state of her marriage,  is staring at Jalal with eyes as round as saucers, while her bhaisas, predictably, look blank. On such illogical characters do our soaps, even one so superior to the norm as Jodha Akbar, thrive.

To sum up, we seem to have gone several  steps backwards in the Jalal-Jodha story. Earlier, she had the luxury of hating him without any qualms, while he allowed her to do so without imposing himself on her. He  was fitfully irritated, at times teasing, and of late even admiring. All that is now gone, and there is, in his eyes, only a relentless hatred that outweighs anything that she might ever have felt towards him. For it is not an abstract concept, but  a real feeling  rooted in a real, terrible, personal  loss, and a horrible crime of which he holds her guilty. 

It will be interesting, and revealing, to see how this hatred against her will affect Jodha, and not just because of the Damocles sword now hanging over her head.  It is time for her to wake up and smell the coffee.

Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-04, 02:57

A BIG thank you from your fan Sumana ....
How beautifully you explain every thing ....

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-09-04, 04:14

Nice one shayamala... Loved it. 

I like grey characters ... So Maham made me happy... 
Jalal's pain was understandable , even through the OTT acting. Yeah... I didn't like the Bairam khan logic... When was he ever so cool headed? I guess it was to show who is pitting against whom.. salima, Hamida, Maan Singh... staunch Jodhaha supporter... Maham confused , Jalal, Ruks roadblock opposition. 

Nice catch abt the woman Adam was talking to.. Is it that woman he hallucinated as Moti bai once? She is his paramour... I am glad somebody talked about the Mirchi  thing.. Cause that never got solved... Nothing ever gets solved ... Like Moti bai's innocence ... If Jalal doesn't believe she is innocent then why is he letting her hang around the harem! scratch He has a thing about keeping enemies closer, I guess... 

Lovely post... Thank you...

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by sarra0 on 2013-09-04, 04:28

nice post, wat if it was Mahamanga and this is her way of hiding it and for the viewers to b kept guessing for a bit..I thou it had missed something wen Jalal's mum started talking about the chillies, good to know i hadn't..

Yes jodha did not hide her hate for Jalal but if and wen he starts thinking with a cooler head he should realise she hasn't done anything against him even wen she could..

There was a softening before in their relationship but no trust, this kind of trials should build trust and give a foundation to their relationship which they don't have as yet and will stand them in good stead and gives more fun for us...

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by Abavi on 2013-09-04, 10:11

Nice post Shyamala ji..

Hurray, Atleast my thoughts about it has to be some woman involved in this conspiracy, seem to match your catch about AK talking with a woman...

When Salima suggested Ja to think like BK, I was Rofl.... BK would have just cut Jo's head the last night... he wouldnt even wait for the morning... like Ja did... whom is she joking with.. or was BK exceedingly soft with his young wife?

*Vi, come back to the track*

I am intrigued with how one would now prove Jo is innocent... it has to be an investigation but on what terms.. Ja's anger and anguish is justified... All it needs is a little more practical thinker who could tell him that if Jo and her brothers have conspired against Ja's unborn child, then they wouldnt have had the guts to do the milk feeding in front of the entire crowd in the jasn.. They have that much brains to not get caught...

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by pollyanna on 2013-09-04, 11:14

Lovely post Aunty :) 

I guess...since this is a daily soap, the matter will be dragged and stretched , Ekta wont lose such an oppo.....hence Jalal 1 is here to stay at least till today's episode Wink 

I would differ with u on MA not being the culprit....she is the ONE and I have jotted down my thots---

Its the biggest CRIME both son-mother duo have committed and they cant risk anything to be caught, hence such dual face on the issue by MA.....

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

Post by Tanthya on 2013-09-04, 15:32

I could not help thinking that all of Jodha's  chickens " the endless assertions that she hated Jalal and wanted Jalal ka sar - were now coming home to roost, and to deadly effect.  For Jalal believes that she killed his child out of her hatred for him , to hurt him in the worst possible way. Tum mujhse nafrat karti ho na? To mujh par vaar karti. Mere bachche ko kyon mara?  To this belief there is no counter. Jodha has herself made sure of that.

There is a counter to it , ShyamalaJi...To the  question as to why she did not kill him when  she had the weapon in her hand,  Jodha remarks that it is not right to kill a unarmed person, the same  credo was echoed by Maan Singh previously too ... and she also says ..  Life is precious and should not be  culled easily... So yes, when Jalal cools down and begins to replay without having the sneering  Ruqaiyya and  Maham breathing down his neck, He might actually begin to have second thoughts...

Regards  Jodha's acting, Paridhi  was a big let down y'day..her confused plight  indicated by the waving of her hand was juvenile and not a credit to a 'Supposedly' intelligent person .. Her absolute lack of worry or thinking of the fallout after the news reaches her that it was  the Kesar of Amer that was the perp of the Miscarriage is incredible !!

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Re: Jodha Akbar 56: Confusion worse confounded

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