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Asad-Zoya-Rajveer track

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Asad-Zoya-Rajveer track

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-04, 17:22

First to begin , this was not part of the original story but was incorporated only recently.
Zoya’s recent behaviour has been questionable by many simply because we are the audience. Meaning we can see that this guy is really a creep.

This track has a social message that should be heard by many through a show which is watched by millions.
Zoya takes a lift from a stranger to save herself from Mr Khan’s wrath. To her he looked decent. And Zoya being Zoya means she interacted with him throughout the ride.

Now Rajveer takes this a Zoya being interested in him hereby creating the stalker behaviour. Obviously he got her number elsewhere because he would not have put his name at the end of the SMS had Zoya given him her number.

Secondly, he’s taking her politeness as and interest whereas Zoya sees it as being polite. Recently Zoya’s Sherlock Holmes has been kicking in hence the avoidance which would in turn make Rajveer all more interested. The spoilers tell us the end result would be the slap.

How many girls we have seen go through this with these stalker behaviour just because they were polite? Almost everyday a women/child/baby is being raped.

Zoya needs to act like this so that it can be shown when a girl/woman says no it is NO! And because she is polite DOES NOT mean she’s interested! She’s needs to make the mistakes so us as audiences can identify and rectify it. And hopefully their Mr Khan can save them:)

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