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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update - 4th September 2013

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update - 4th September 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-09-04, 19:27

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Update - 4th September 2013

The episode starts with the reporter trying to use insulting words towards Shlok. The moment he takes Niranjan's name all hell breaks lose for Shlok who beats the reporter. Though the anger is channeled towards the reporter he looks at Aastha in anger for the situation she had put him in. Inside the venue Athul asks for forgiveness for his daughter's behavior. Niranjan tells him not to ask for forgiveness as his daughter had done the right thing. Someone comes in and informs them about the situation outside. Niranjan rushes out to find Shlok still beating the reporter. Niranjan goes before him and he stops and tells him that he couldn't stop when the reporter took his dad's name in a insulting way. The rest of the family are shocked to see Shlok in this way. Police arrives and the reporter is pointing towards Shlok and asks him to be arrested. Police requests shlok to come with them to the station. Anjali requests Niranjan to do something. But Niranjan tells her that we have to let the police do their work.

The scene shifts to Aastha's mum scolding her for what she had done. She tells her that though Shlok for wrong on his part to dismiss Anjali (student) from college its equally wrong on Aastha's part to confront Shlok during his award function. She points out that Aastha could have waited till the function got over before confronting Shlok. Aastha gets emotional and cries. She asks for her mom's forgiveness. Her dad tells her that what she did today was unforgivable. He points out that Shlok's dad was very accommodating when the alliance wasn't accepted and to do this again to him wasn't right. In fact again he proved that he has a big heart by saying that Aastha was right. Aastha is crying for putting her parents in this uncomfortable position. She asks for their forgiveness. Her dad adds that if she had told him he would have spoken to Niranjan Sahib and would have solved this issue.

In the mean time Shlok is released from the police station and his brother drives him back home. He tells him not to think too much about what people are commenting. He further adds that he had taken care of everything and not to stress. Shlok feels sorry for putting his family through such humiliation. His dad tells him that he should have handled the situation better. At the same time he also adds that an incident like this can tarnish the hard work put through all these years. But we will make sure that we work very hard and remove this black mark. 

When Shlok takes leave for his room his chacha comes in with a box of sweets. Anjali asks him if he wasn't aware of what happened at the function. He tells them that he knew but again its another reason to work hard. He tells them that this is his positive approach. No one is happy to see him. His brother Niranjan just asks for his well being. Anjali asks him to refresh and Shlok leaves for his room. After everyone leaves Anjali talks to Niranjan that his plan to keep Shlok at home to manage the business had not progressed at all and infact a new problem has sprung up all because of that girl. She further asks him as to how he thought of marrying Shlok to Aastha. Niranjan leaves telling that if the alliance had happened then this incident wouldn't have happened. Shlok hears this conversation between his parents.

The scene shifts to Aastha walking in the rain and telling her parents that she will be home in a couple of minutes. A car stops behind her and Shlok gets out of the car. He starts walking up to her and drags her. He hold her roughly and tells her that her path crosses with his path all the time and he usually destroys anyone who crosses his path. Aastha wakes up screaming and realizes that this whole episode with Shlok was just a dream. She notices that she had broken her glass of water in the process and goes to the kitchen to drink water from the fridge. She thinks Shlok is a rakshas for coming and scaring her in person and in her dreams too.

At the same time Shlok thinks of his conversation with Aastha and his parents conversation. It dawns on him that his dad had chosen Aastha for him. He vows to make Aastha's life miserable for not only insulting him but also his dad.

Precap : The office gets smashed and the goons try to hit Aastha and Shlok stops them.

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