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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-09-05, 20:37

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

The episode starts with Imran giving an agitated look at the burqa clad woman when he was slipping the ring in Najma's finger. Zoya spots the bracelet with T and gets her mind in active mode but soon finds that the lady has disappeared. Dilshad asks Zoya to get gifts for the guests but Asad tells that he will get them from his room.

Imran drags Tanu out of the hall and into Asad's room, both have a face-off, Tanu tells Imran that Asad was the one whom she had hooked earlier, Asad is about to enter his room, Tanu is waiting in anticipation for him to come inside while Imran is scared. Both Tanu-Imran hide when Najma asks Asad to come  back in hall as she has already got the gifts.

Zoya wonders who was the burqa clad woman and where has she disappeared. 

Ayan gets inside the bungalow and thinks of going to Asad's room instead of meeting everybody.

Tanu demands 2 crores from Imran and blackmails him to keep the secret of his baby. Tanu tells him to take his own sweet time--3 days to give her the amount. Ayan spots someone in the room, thinks there is Asad when Asad comes and hugs him. Ayan tells him that he saw someone inside his room with a burqa clad woman and Zoya overhears that. She comes out and sees Tanu-Imran talking to each other. She gets shocked.

Tanu threatens Imran of dire consequences and fall in line to her demands, hugs Imran and leaves.  Zoya comes and asks Imran about the woman, how does he know her, Imran straight away refuses and says that he does not know her, he thought that she is her guest. Zoya cautions him about the wrong doings of Tanu and tells him to stay away from Tanu.

Najma gets emotional on getting the gift from Ayan, they share a nice sibling bond, Ayan spots Imran, gets a little angry but gathers himself. Imran comes and Ayan congratulates him. Ayan says that he should now leave the function and go home when Zoya cracks a shayari,Asad makes faces, Ayan says that they still fight with each other then why are u getting married. Asad says he want to get mad and thats why Wink  Zoya says that she will run off from her wedding with Ayan as he can handle her. Asad takes away Ayan from there while Zoya makes faces at him. (Gosh!! this is the most insane scene, not even childish--its best termed pathetic)affraid No wonder TRP is taking a nosedive

Zoya is arranging gifts when she spots Tanu's gift and gets FB of the scenes which happened during sagaai, she thinks that there is definitely something fishy. She recalls the comments on social networking sites, wonders why is Imran hiding things from them and what game is Tanu playing.
Someone puts a hand on her shoulders, she turns around and finds its Rajveer.

Precap--Zoya gives an earful to Rajveer and SLAPgate happens. Ayan-Humeira hug(even 2 sec precap of Ayra showed too much passion unlike Asya who are too artificial,forced and lack depth these days)

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-09-06, 00:01

Thanks pals.... Missed the second part ... Must watch that pathetic scene... Why is Gul doing this? Can't she end the serial on a nice note tying all the loose ends? I that too much to ask?

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-06, 15:50

Precap: Zoya reprimands Rajvir that for guys like him, the girsl are kept inside, on the name of safety. Asad sees this. She says that for guys like him, people keep their girls confined and not allowed to have a normal life. She says that day, he had helped her and given her a lift and today she wants to repay back. She slaps him tight on the face. Humaira apologises to ayan for being so foolish and asks if he wont forgive her. Ayan is ovcerwhlemed and hugs her tightly. she too embraces him.

credits to original uploaders in FB 

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 5th September 2013

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