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Chennaiyil oru naal

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Chennaiyil oru naal

Post by Abavi on 2013-09-06, 10:26

After kids, I didnt get much time to catch up with movies... So when it comes to movies, I am actually 7 years behind the world... I havent been to the theatres for the past 7 years except when HP got released and for some couple of animation movies for my kids sake.. and I hate watching the movies before the copyrighted DVDs are released- By the time it gets released, my interest to watch that movie wears off...
I am used to complete watching the 3 hour movie in less than an hour when it is through DVD. With that kind of a history in movie watching, yesterday, I sat down to watch this movie- Chennaiyil oru naal after tremendrous recommendation from my friends after they discovered that I havent watched it yet.
The movie got released sometime back in march... and the moment I sat down to watch it, I successfully over came the temptation to switch it off... the first scene suggested an accident- a tragic one at that... I am not a fan of such movies, I lookout for stress busters not stress providers... But still I went ahead and watched it...
I didnt regret the decision.. Such a fast paced movie... with all the cast throwing in their best possible realistic performances... I sat the through the entire two hours non stop to complete watching it... A fast paced movie with a very worthwhile theme to go with it- it was a nail biting, seat hanging thriller.. It was a little OTT at some places, but I suppose it comes along with the commercialness of a tamil movie... But I was told to watch the Malayalam version of it to get rid of that commercial edge.
It was like a book which could not be put down... with suspenses and thrillers thrown at totally unexpected places...When you are almost  convinced that you can predict what would happen, the screenplay takes you by surprise... It was indeed one of the good movies of the recent times... I would recommend it anytime, for a one time watch, as it is a thriller, the second time if you want to relish in the nuances of the actors when they play the role... the first time, you would be too tensed to notice it with such details...
I came to know it is a remake of a award winning movie in malayalam- Traffic... and it is being remade in hindi too.. Watch it with subtitles if you dont follow one of these languages...

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