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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 6th September 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 6th September 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-09-06, 19:44

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 6th September 2013

The episode starts with Zoya feeling someone tapping her shoulder. She turns around and is shocked to find Rajveer. She asks him as to what he is doing here. Rajveer tells her that since she didn't reply to his messages he decided to come and see if every thing is ok. Zoya is annoyed to hear this. She tells him that he cannot just come like this and infact she has a function at home and has lot of things to do. She immediately finds him dragging her to a room and closing the door. She asks him as to why he did that. He tells her that there is a function at home and he just wants to spend time with her alone hence he did this. Zoya tells him what he did is wrong. Rajveer tells her that she is his friend. Zoya tells him that she just knew him and that he isn't her friend. He gets annoyed and asks her if she is avoiding him. He starts moving towards her and starts to touch her.
At Ayaan's residence Nuzath gives a hint to her Badi Bi. Badi Bi makes a slight noise in pain. Ayaan rushes towards her and asks her as to what happened. Badi Bi tells him that her ankle is paining and that she wants her Balm. Ayaan tells her that he will get the balm from her room. She tells him that the balm is in store room. Ayaan asks her as to how the balm was present in the store room. Badi Bi in all seriousness answers him to ask the balm when he sees it. The look on Ayaan's face is priceless (to see )hearing this.Twisted Evil 
He goes to the store room and finds the balm. He also notices the candles  in one corner of the store room and goes there. Nuzat uses this opprotunity to lock the store room from outside. He finds Humeira wakling towards him and smiling at him. He slightly panicks seeing her and tells her that he only came to get the balm for Badi Bi and he is going to go now. He rushes towards the door and finds it locked. Humeira tells him that she requested Nuzat to lock the door from outside. Ayaan looks at her unable to understand where this is going. At that moment Humeira hugs him. He stands there unsure.
The scene shifts to Rajveer telling Zoya that he knows these type of girls. They sometimes play hard to get. At night when a girl is just on her own and asking for lift if means she is also involved in getting cheap pleasure. Zoya is shocked to hear this. He corners her. Zoya uses her mind and plays as if its true. But she tells him that there are lot of people at home. Rajveer tells her that they will go to a different place. He tells her that he is happy that she is not playing hard to get. He gloats to Zoya saying that no one had said no to him. Zoya uses this opportunity to leave the room and tells him to come out after some time. Asad is looking for Zoya and Najma tells him that she had gone to the room to keep the gifts and will come down any moment.
Humeira breaks the hug and recites a couplet asking for his forgiveness and also mentioning  the fact that she cannot live without him. She asks for his forgiveness and tells him that he loves her more than she ever loved him. He pulls her for a possessive hug and wipes the tears that clouded his eyes.
The scene shifts to Asad's residence where Rajveer comes down and finds everyone staring at him. Asad comes and stands before him. Zoya comes from behind Asad and addresses Rajveer telling him that only because of guys like him that India has a bad name. These guys disturbs the girls every where. Because of people like Rajveer the parents refuse to give freedom to girls and locks them up at home while inturn its guys like Rajveer who should be kept locked. She tells him that girls are not cheap and they never give any signals and its the guys who assume. She finally tells him that when a girl tells No, it actually means No. Rajveer immediatley asks her in the presence of everyone that in the room she was nice to him and outside she is scolding him.
Zoya gets shocked hearing this and before she could reply Asad pushes her aside and takes the matter in his hand. He tells Rajveer that he is standing in two legs because of the guests and pushes him out of the house. Zoya stops Rajveer. She tells him that because he said that he gave a lift and expected something in return she would give him. Saying that she slaps him and tells him that this is his return gift. She slaps again and tells him that this is on behalf of all girls whom he troubled. She tells him to leave before all the guests starts giving return gift. Rajveer runs off in shame.The assembled guests appreciate and clap for Zoya. Asad has a proud smile plastered on his face.
Asad in his room and Zoya comes in and stands beside him. He asks her if she is ok and tells her that she was brave today. Zoya tells him that he was right in telling that the guy wasn't a good person. He tells her that she is right in telling that she can take care of herself. But that doesn't mean she can leave telling anyone. Zoya smiles and tells him that he will never change and he accepts that statement with a smile and hugs her. The scene focusses on both the brothers hugging the love of their life, happy and content.
Precap: A song is played in the background and both the brothers dance with their fiancees in their respective houses.

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 6th September 2013

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-09-06, 23:10

Zoya's monologue and audience clapping ... :lol!: 

I ate 2 laddoos today.... There were 2 slaps! Yum! 

Thanks Sharmi for the update...

Sumana.... Can you get a still photo of Hasina Bi, please?  She looked like an alien from outer planets... What were all those wires on her hair?

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