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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th September 2013 Written Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th September 2013 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2013-09-06, 22:43

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th September 2013 Written Episode

Suraj gives the previous day’s collections from shop to Bhabho explaining that he could not return back in the night as they were stuck in the lift whole night. Also, he could not answer their call and at the same time, his mobile balance was out and he was just waiting for them to call him again. Bhabho has flashback of how she avoided Mohit from calling again. Suraj also says he was scared whether he could make it to Rakhi celebration but by her blessings, he accomplished it. Bhabho is silent and Suraj takes her hand and gives the money. Vikram is overwhelmed and asks Mohit and Meena to watch it.

Bhabhasa tells the Rathi members a proverb that he taught Chotu from his book that meaning what we think or believe is reflected in whatever things we see like if we see an idol with pure mind believing it as God, we see God, else it is a stone.

Bhabho goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast. SurYa are leaving and Bhabhasa stops them to have breakfast as he knows they have not had anything since last night. Suraj is in thoughts and Vikram folds his hands requesting them to eat. Bhabho is packing some breakfast in a tiffin carrier. SurYa agree and go to wash hands. Sandhya says they will eat full stomach as how much ever she tries, she cannot make food as tasty as Bhabho.
Bhabho comes to them and gives the tiffin carrier and asks them to have it in their house after refreshing as Sandhya has not prepared anything yet. All are shocked. Suraj is sad but takes the carrier from her and Bhabho also gives a packed box to Sandhya. SurYa leave. Bhabhasa is angry and confronts Bhabho for her behavior. Bhabho defends saying it was Suraj’s decision to move out and not hers. She further tells the work he had come for is done so he went back.

SurYa in their house. Sandhya is wiping the tiffin box after washing it. She is very sad and Suraj is also sad and sitting on the bed. Sandhya says she was very happy for a moment that everything was right and they celebrated the festival but the next moment everything was ruined. She has lost faith that Bhabho will call them back. She drops the boxes down. Suraj picks them along with Sandhya and arranges them properly. Sandhya says she has no belief and he needs to do something so that Bhabho would call them back. He says it is a fight between mother and son and he cannot do any planning here, he just believes that Bhabho will definitely call them back. Sandhya wonders how could he strongly say so. Suraj says it is his faith and he has learnt it from Bhabho how strong belief will always win. He explains her that prior to their marriage, Bhabho had vowed in front of the neighborhood that she would bring a daughter-in-law in 15 days, he wondered how is it possible but Bhabho’s faith won and she has brought Sandhya as the daughter-in-law in 15 days. He says they need to do their duty as son and daughter-in-law and wait for the next 13 days and their belief would win and before he could finish, hears bell sound and goes to window and sees Bhabho doing pooja.

Mohit thanks Emily as she kept his honor in front of the family by giving that gift, else Meena would have taunted him. Emily is pleased and she says she is always looking forward to help him and keep his respect and will continue to do so. Mohit also assures her that if she does so, he would also fulfill his duty. Pleased Emily goes to her room. Mohit turns the other side and mocks her saying she can be fooled very easily.

Suraj looking at Bhabho through the window says to Sandhya that Bhabho would visit them in their house by 10 PM. Sandhya could not believe it and says there is no reason also for Bhabho to visit them. Suraj says the reason would come up and Bhabho would visit them definitely.

Precap: Bhabho and Bhabhasa and Kanha going somewhere. Kanha is crying loudly. Bhabho asks for water and Bhabhasa notices the water bottle is empty. They are near Sandhya’s house and Bhabhasa tells Bhabho that they can get water from Sandhya.


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