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Qubool Hain - 9th Sept

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Qubool Hain - 9th Sept

Post by sarra0 on 2013-09-10, 11:27

Storage Room ke Darmiyaan Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Jaane Kya Bole Dust Mites ke Dole Sunke Badan
Chuhai Bani Zubaan
Lovebirds Ke Darmiyaan  

Asad said to Zoya "Filhaal toh mere yeh wish hain ki aap mujhe darana bandh kijiyay, ok" I second that, I don't know wat it is but Zoya's voice is annoying and high pitched wen she is arguing like wen the serial first started and it's giving me a headache, voice modulation is seriously needed...i still don't get y they were arguing, and the argument that he is an architect and therefore knows wat looks good where is a moot point architects do not deco rate the room thats designers, the less said about Zoyas argument the better...  

Asad - Har birthday Rashid saab aaye gaye aur tofa deyenge - y was it that all I could concentrate on is on his hair...  

Rashid looks at a old photo of Dilshaad and a very young Najma and is remembering a conversation and feels sad, and yet I can feel no real sympathy for him...  

Uh since wen is Dilshaad and family mentioned so casually by that household?? They didn't need a segue to get Najma in the house..thou the look on shrin's face and on Razia's wen rashid says v have to start somewhere and the invitation is accepted.. Razia is going to cause some trouble...  

Ayaan Humeira scene made me smile...wat did he say there will not be a no between us now.. but uh huh the candle were not blown and the cake wasn't cut, it was left... You know kya Zamana mein modern r these two families and here I thought they were both meant to b conservative.. Both have the engaged couple in one house.. Under one roof and roaming around freely....  

Then you have the meeting between Zoya and the fikeer and I'm scratching my of my favourite sayings is life happens wen u make plans which is wat in a sense the fikeer was saying, that v don't know wat is written.. V don't know wat is going happen in the next moment never mind further then that and while like the cake and candle scene indicated that the Nikaah wasn't going to happen between Zoya and Asad but i still found it weird, someone says they r getting married tomorrow u don't say that, jus add inshallah at the end if that's the case...if this is to try and get online fans to accept the marriage swap track don't think that would happen.

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