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Its high time they got married NOW !!..

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Its high time they got married NOW !!..

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-10, 16:46

Lost in their own dreams about a rosy future !!!

what they can't foresee is the danger lurking just round the corner 

Baba tries to draw her attention 

but she remains blissfully unawares ..

viewers are getting impatient  ...GUL please get over with it RIGHT NOW !!

What is Fakir baba trying to predict ?? upcoming disaster ??

Fakir Baba- Insaan ko apne agle pal ki khabar nahi tu kal ki baat kar rhi hai....Kal ke baare mein sirf vo jaanta hai..
Vo upar baitha hum sabki takqeerien likhta hai..Kal jo vo de usse qubool kar uski raza mein apni raza dhoond..!

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