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Sometimes writers need to listen to the audience

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Sometimes writers need to listen to the audience

Post by Ashranna on 2013-09-11, 21:29

In business you have the supplier and the customer...a supplier sometimes have to listen to the customers in order to improve his business. the supplier will change basis on the complain being the same from several different customers....what it will do the business is improve the market share of the business and create added also helps in giving the business to come up wit new and innovative ways of staying at the top...
so for those of u who think I am a newcomer to the world of indian serial that is where you are wrong...I hve seen a lot of ZEE tv serial and all are the same boy meets girl,boy likes girl,boy decides to get married to girl but guess what it is the wrong girl he gets married to because somebody decides to twist the story.....
then there are the villians -the in-laws(mother,father,brother,sister,aunt,granny etc.)
then you have the innocent but yet evil best friend who turns gold digger because of the wealth of the family.
so no different in all the serials.

To me when I started QH I thought it to be different things started to move fast but then the story with razia attacking Rashid's mother was really in poor taste and all of tanveer evil doing and asad being blind towards all of that was a turn off..finally when asad and zoya was actually getting married I said finally a show where the villians are not winning....then came the stupid story line Asad ended up in bed in a warehouse with I decided ok maybe they have a different take on this I give the story a further chance....but as the story progress I said finally maybe the story would finally get asad and zoya married and create valuable story line..

I was looking forward to asad and zoya married dealing real issues like working wives,
working mothers, pregnancy and all that could happen during pregnancy, the idea of having children right away vs the idea of waiting before having children. Also idea of of contraceptives and what happens if you were not prepared to become a parent how to people adjust to these situations and how the extended family deals with some of these issues for both India and those of in in the west..seeing the cultural difference.
so yes when Rashid had two families I expected things to be different not fall back on on the love triangle because he had the love triangle why do the same story again.

the villains should be gossipers rather that the meaningless torture and killings...that if you must could be a on time story not a recurring story..
there are so much characters in the story that there could be so much more on the story lines....

So yes I have to deal with the fact that I had hope for to much of this show and got very little out of it....I guess Gul just want ratings rather than ranting from her fans...changing the song from hum tum was just silly meaningless twist....that had no impact to the show...
so NO MORE QH FOR ME or indian serials.......wasted my time...adios...last posting.... I REALLY DONT LIKE THE AYAN ZOYA marriage....making marriage a joke whether the divorce can be done or should not be a joke as it is currently done....
but this is not my story it is actually GUL's story....maybe this happened to her I don't know....just saying...


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Re: Sometimes writers need to listen to the audience

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-12, 00:06

Nice post Ashranna .. i second you in saying Hamein Qubool Nahin hai !!..

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Re: Sometimes writers need to listen to the audience

Post by A.N.Jell_Zarina on 2013-09-12, 05:51

Be cool ashru,
i repeat again, ayan-zoya marriage cud nt kill the soul of a it zoya's 4 asad or ayan's 4 humeira

but yes i dnt like 'marriage' used as 'pawn' in serials

u watched zee shows n stil believed qh to b diffn?? I was actually fearing it to b the similar just bcuz of it being on zee....n like my every prediction , this 1 ayan-zoya too is happening...i wished 4 a +ve asad-zoya-ayan love triangle not destiny games of marriage but i forget its zee n 4 lions...
its been ages nw zee's shows hv witnessed single n normal marriage for the leads....actually , qubool hai is over-dramatic n holds more negativity than others

every1 is blaming gul but i wont blame her solely...there r lots of others....

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Re: Sometimes writers need to listen to the audience

Post by Sponsored content Today at 14:08

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