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Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-18, 17:03

Recently rumours were round the corner that Jodha Akbar might go off air, but still the show managed to make its place in the TVT charts by becoming the top most show on Zee TV.

 The real drama is happening off screen these days. 90 people from the production team which included the assistant directors, setting boys and the spot boys walked out of the show on 15 September 2013. 

For daily soap queen Ekta Kapoor this is just like another cup of tea and she managed to find the replacement in a day.

As per a reliable source, the unit had been facing major issues with Director of the show Santram Verma, as he has been torturing the unit members without any rhyme or reason. When contacted Santran Verma and Ekta they chose to remain silent about the issue.

Why Ekta Kapoor chose the director and let go 90 people ? there might be many reasons, may be she was getting 90people in a cheaper cost or may be she wanted to show her power , or may be the director is quite important for her… whatever it is, we feel its a wrong step. Ekta should have moved smartly!

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