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Let us live with Dignity... Gulji

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Let us live with Dignity... Gulji

Post by Jhalak29 on 2013-09-18, 23:12

Hi, a lot of you mite not know me and some mite know me 
 I am regular tv watcher who when some time on hand watches tv n especially Indian telly as it helps me escape me daily struggle relax n enjoy my indianness..
On maternity leave these hv some time while my body heals n baby sleeps,,, mind stays awake so caught up with QH... Not that I am in love with it but I like the new aayan n the general romance feel it was generating... 

But in abt 6 weeks I hv seen 3-4 times, Nikhat's engagement being broken, redone agn broken,,, A women like Haseena who is a sorry caricature of being called human ...keeps humiliating her on everything and anything she feels color, manners, style, education...everything u hv under the sun, she uses that to humiliate, demoralise, hurt the young woman,,, what is the fault of this young woman none that she is born with a dark shade Of skin and two she is a gal, a daughter who will only be happy if she is married to a so called partner.. I do not agree to this Ms Gul.. Time and agn Nikhat's has kept her self respect aside n taken the pain but why can't you turn intelligent and show the Indian telly viewers a new women a new gal who is gutsy enough to take the world on her terms why can't she be educated and keeping her self respect... How can you kick her like that n that too so many times... I sometimes wonder is this we are trying to teach our daughters ...that bcz god made u a woman who can bear pain more than man or can give pain to another woman... I know the common argument here will be telly is a mirror who carries reflection of the society so you are showing what happens and one cannot be a ostrich and duck the ugly realities by ignoring them and not showing... But Ms Gul here I would to say if you do a certain action time n agn is become a pattern or habit ,,, n the way Nikhat is being humiliated seems to hv become a pattern in QH, it's time to change the page n teach new, lay new outlook ... Let Nikhat live in dignity.. As a daughter, as a sister and as a woman


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Re: Let us live with Dignity... Gulji

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-18, 23:58

Hello Jhalak !!...Welcome back to Dhwani Yaara ..
Missed you so bad my friend ....

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