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LAST EPISODE - Chanchan 19th September 2013551

LAST EPISODE - Chanchan 19th September 2013

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LAST EPISODE - Chanchan 19th September 2013

Post by -Sheena- on 2013-09-19, 21:32



The family are waiting for the return of Manav and CC....UB tells a surprised CC and Manav that the news of their win had already reached them, so the celebration and grand entrance await CC and Manav...

UB gives them an entrance fit for a newly wed...Their father praises Manav of bringing their lost reputation back and is proud of his son...Dadaji says that its time for him to leave and will only return when Manav and CC have a baby of their own...All try to persuade otherwise but Dadaji is adamant that he is leaving with the belief that the house is more united than ever...

UB reminds Dadaji that when he gave the keys of the house to her, he also gave her permission to take and make all decisions for the family and so she will be making a decision that dadaji will celebrate his birthday and then leave...

Dadaji agrees to stay till his birthday...The following day, Dadaji celebrates his birthday with gifts and CC gives a gift of technology...She gifts him a camera...However, Dadaji says that its no use for him but CC convinces him that he will have to take photos and send the photos to them for him to keep in touch with the family at all times...Dadaji accepts...

In the kitchen, the bahus are cooking their specialty for Dadaji but Mansi says that Dadaji wont be able to eat so many sweets...She comes up with an idea of having chits and the one that is picked will be served to dadaji...Manav enters and decides to make the chits...Coincidentally, CC name is picked and her item will be served...CC is baking a cake..

CC is still baking the cake when Manav enters and reveals that all the chits had the same thing written on it for CC to win...Both have some fun moments with the flour and act like a loved up couple...

Later, CC plays anchor and introduces a program fit for Dadaji's birthday...CC narrates that she has learned a lot from the family but the biggest teaching has been that no matter how different the people are in this house, they all sing with the same tune...

Manthan imitates his father and its followed by other acts...CC then reminds that she is a modern girl in a conservative household and her journey in this family...CC imitates UB about how strict she is and how its all about law and rules...Then UB praises CC being the best companion for Manav...She says that the best quality of CC is that she has been able to win the hearts of the family and how she helped dadaji, gave a new identity to Kaumodi and saved Manav from Rupali...

UB further reveals that she did not like CC first and did not think that CC was right for the family but her thoughts have changed and now believes that there is no other better than CC...

Dadaji cuts his cake....Finally, Mr Borisagar gives the envelope whose name is written to take over the family business...However, no brother wants to open the envelope...Mukat reveals that they want their father to hold the helm and for the 4 brothers to progress the business...

Dadaji gives the final speech and says that every household should have sons and bahu (CC ) ..

The episode finishes with photos of the family...


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Re: LAST EPISODE - Chanchan 19th September 2013

Post by Shegarf71 on 2013-09-19, 22:22

And so ends another saga on TV...thank you Sheena for such consistent WUs and has been a blast going throughout the show.Hugs and please keep writing...would love to hear from you on other posts as well.long hug 


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Re: LAST EPISODE - Chanchan 19th September 2013

Post by sunshine99 on 2013-09-20, 09:02

And so it ends...ready to slip into the archive as being one of the lowest TRP grosser daily this week.
Inspite of   the ebb ridden graph of the serial one wishes only high's for the people attached with the show.

Thank you SHEENA for patiently updating us on the soap  regularly without fail. It was a thoroughly enjoyable to read your take which was infinitely better  to read   than the episodic viewing .long hug

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