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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 20th September 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 20th September 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-09-20, 22:33

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 20th September 2013

The episode starts with Shirin telling Rashid the consequences of not having Zoya here. Rashid tells her that we can ask Asad to tell Haseena Bi as to what had happened. Shirin tells him that whole community would know about the wedding and if Zoya is not at home then there would be talks about this wedding everywhere and there is no way Haseena Bi would accept the alliance. She asks Rashid what would they say to the people from the community hall who would come home in couple of hours and not find Zoya here. Badi Bi tells her that Asad would never accept. Ayan tells her that Asad would do anything for their sisters. Raziya is listening to this entire conversation by standing behind a pillar.

The scene shifts to Asad's residence who is trying his level best to control his tears. Zoya tells him sorry and that she wasn't even aware that a Nikaah happened. Dilshad comes and knocks the door and Asad tells her that they will be down in a minute. Dilshad leaves giving them some time. Asad comes and stands face to face with Zoya and Zoya tells him sorry again and states that this Nikah was a mistake. He tells her that Nikhat is critical and shocks her by telling her that she is married now. Zoya tells him that she doesn't want to leave him and this house and that this was never a wedding with Ayan. She further states that she cannot leave this house and cannot live without them. Asad asks her if she believes in their love. Zoya nods and a flash back of all their hand holds and promises of not leaving each other's sides plays in each other's minds. Asad takes her out of the house ignoring his mum's call.

At Rashid's residence the elders of the community are present and telling them that its not right to make a mockery of the wedding. Rashid tells them that they will sort it out among themselves. The elders say that the wedding happened in the community hall along with other Nikah and therefore its their responsibility as well. Haseena Bi interferes and tells them that Ayan made a big mistake by marrying Asad's fiance and therefore she cannot strain her relationship with her daughter-in-law's family by marrying into this family. She tells Ayan that she will only peform Nikhat and Farhaan wedding if Asad tells them that Zoya is Ayan's wife. The elders of the community also add further by saying as to who will maintain a relationship with this family who doesn't value relationships. They ask Ayan where is his bride Zoya. Asad comes right on time and tells everyone that Zoya is here. 

At Asad's residence, Najma comes and tells Dilshad that everyone had left. Dilshad tells her that everyone would leave as they had been waiting for a long time and that she didn't even know the actual reason. Najma pacifies her by telling that Asad Bai wouldn't have left if it  wasn't important. She asks her mum if she had spoken to Asad Bai. she tells her that the last time she spoke he told her that Nikat is critical and that now his mobile is disconnected. Najma is shocked to hear about Nikhat. Dilshad tells her that she had so many plans today and that everything didn't go as planned.

The scene moves to Ayan's residence where Asad walks in  with Zoya. He gets Zoya to stand next to Ayan and leaves her hand. She grabs hold of Asad's hands and he looks at her and pulls his hand from her hold. They show how affected Humeira is as well.

The scene shifts to Asad's residence and Najma is telling Imran that she doens't have any information as to what is happening. She spots a lady with a burqa. She asks Imran if all the guests have left. Imran looks at the lady with the burqa. she lifts her veil and Imran notices that its Tanveer. He tells Najma that it must be their relative and that he will check. He asks Najma to go inside. Imran approaches Tanveer and asks her as to why she came here. He tells her that  he will give her all the money. Tanveer tells him that she isn't here for the money but to know what happened with Zoya. Imran tells her that he doen't know. He tells her that he doesn't know where Asad is, where Zoya is and also where his mum is. He further tells her that when Zoya came Asad took her with him. Tanveer is shocked to hear that Zoya came back but is equally surprised that the nikah didn't happen even after her return. 

The scene shifts to Ayan's residence where Asad tells Haseena Bi that Zoya is married to Ayan and that the girl's rightful place is to be with her husband and hence Ms. Farooki is here. He further adds that he has no problem and that Haseena Bi shouldn't break Nikhat and Farhaan's alliance. Haseena Bi is helpless and is unhappy to know that her best laid plans have failed. 

Precap: The Islamic community elders ask Ayan if he accepts the fact that he is married to Zoya and he confirms.

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