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Balika Vadhu - 21st September 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu - 21st September 2013 Written Update

Post by Tanthya on 2013-09-21, 21:48

Balika Vadhu - 21st September 2013 Written Update

Bangalore Hospital Night
Creepy (Bala) makes up story to Hospital authorities that Ganga was stealing injections and that is why she attacked him. Ganga denies, but Bala even has "chemist" to whom Ganga sells injections. The "chemist" recognizes Ganga - Ganga says its plot. Authorities tell them (Ganga & Bala) to step out. Bala & Ganga accuse each other outside. Inside the authorities discuss & decide that its less damaging for issue to be classified at "injection theft" then attempted R*pe. They take action against Ganga. Ganga is arrested. Ganga con't to protest this is wrong and they are siding with wrong. Bala waves her off and blows her a kiss.

Friend of Ganga's tries to get her out on bail, but to no avail. Police got special permission to arrest her at night from magistrate and will investigate. Friend says to have faith in god.

Bade Haveli - Next Day
Its day and Jagiya returns home. DS asks if there was a problem y he didn't tell them 1st. Sumi berates him. Bhaisa tells her to give J a chance to speak... Sumi continues on. DS says he has made game of relationships. She thought he thought thru b4 agreeing this time to marriage but has risked relationship of 2 families. Bhairon says he still has faith in J and for him to speak up.

J says SaJa is bemel jodi - they are different in everything. If they will marry then both will be miserable for life and so will both families. Sumi says there is no deficiency in Sanchi, so how can their match be mismatch. J has flashback of Sanchi's true thoughts about Singhs. J starts to explain there are great differences in their soch (thinking)... just then he gets call Ganga is arrested from his friend in Bangalore. Jagiya wants to leave immediately to handle that. Sumi refuses to let him go particularly to Ganga.

VO: Only a responsible person can in uncertain times do the right thing...

Precap:  (Sanchi) breaks things with a purse?! when she learns she has been dumped by Dr.Jagdeesh... . Anandi tells her to tell what she said at restaurant to her friends - the reason J was forced to break the rishta.


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