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Sasural Simar Ka - 21st September 2013 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka - 21st September 2013 Written Update

Post by Tanthya on 2013-09-21, 22:18

Episode starts with Shaurya Singhania giving more work to Jhanvi.

Jhanvi looks restless so Roli asks what happens to her.

Jhanvi gets a call from the hospital asking her to come again to the hospital. Jhanvi gets angry.

Roli tells Jhanvi that she will talk to Siddhant about work pressure in hospitall but Jhanvi asks Roli no to tell anything about this to Siddhant.

Pari’s mother comes to see Pari in their house. All welcome her and Simar shows the baby to Pari’s mother.

Pari’s mother shows off her money so all gets angry with her.

Sasural Simar Ka - 21st September 2013 Written Update
Pari’s mother tells everyone that she brought many things for the baby.

Pari’s mother gives the gold chain and many things to Pari’s baby.

Everyone think that Pari’s mother is not giving the gifts with affection to the baby but she is showing off.


Shaurya Singhania cuts his hand. Jhanvi asks why he did he do it. Shaurya Singhania that he does not want to see Jhanvi in this hospital hear after. Jhanvi gets angry with him.


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