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Forum 32:Qubool Hai – Brothers in Arms?

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Forum 32:Qubool Hai – Brothers in Arms?

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-22, 17:50

 The story of the other two brothersin Qubool Hai has commenced. Farhan and Imraan are marrying the two Khan sisters. Najma Ahmed Khan and Nikhat Ahmed Khan will end up in the same house. The two brothers who are Haseena Bi’s (Nishi Singh) sons. We have seen one of the son be as twisted as Haseena Bi is. Imraan loves Najma but had agreed to marry Nikhat and has a clandestine affair with Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta).

What ilk is Farhan made of? Is he as bad as Imraan? Or will he keep Nikhat happy? Will the marriage of Nikhat bring some semblance of happiness in her life? Imraan had never supported her when Haseena Bi had lashed out at her about the color of her skin, what is Farhan going to do? Is he going to support her or will he make Nikhat’s life miserable?

Will Asad Ahmed Khan, Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Zoya Farooqui and Humeira Siddiqui’s sacrifice of their love for Nikhat’s happiness back fire on them? Will they regret Nikhat getting married to Farhan?

We at Forum 32 see a scenario that seems plausible. Najma and Nikhat in same house, Imraan and Farhan are two brothers who will prove beyond doubt that they are Haseena Bi’s sons and their respect and love for their wives will take a back seat with Haseena Bi in the driving seat to torture her daughter in laws. The two brothers Asad and Ayaan will find this out with help of Zoya (at least we hope so, as she is the sleuth who find things out) and that will bring them together to fight for their sisters’ happiness.

What do you think?
How do you think the story of Qubool Hai will shape ahead? Will these people fight their so called destiny or accept it? Will they bring the necessary change?
Lets discuss.
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