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Qubool Hai: Asya Separated; Zoya To Find Her Father Soon?

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Qubool Hai: Asya Separated; Zoya To Find Her Father Soon?

Post by ..rosa.. on 2013-09-24, 11:09

Qubool Hai's latest twist has left Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) separated, and Ayaan and Humaira too left tangled in the whole accidental wedding between Ayaan and Zoya that took place last week. 

Though everyone knows this was an accident and the people involved are in love with other people, circumstances and external pressure results in Asad accepting Ayaan and Zoya's wedding.

 Haseena would break Farhan and Nikhat's wedding when she hears about Ayaan and Zoya's wedding. This would result in Nikhat attempting to kill herself. 

Though her family would save her on time, they would decide to act on the issue before she attempts any such thing again. Ayaan, the most affected by Nikhat's decision, is compelled to do anything to change the whole scenario. 

Ayaan puts Asad in such a position that he has to choose between saving Nikhat's life and giving up Zoya. 

He makes a decision to save Nikhat's life and get her married to Farhan. Though Zoya refuses to go away from him, he forces her to go to Ayaan. He, in fact, takes her by hand and leaves her at Ayaan's place. 

There has been very opposing reactions to this twist among the Qubool Hai fans from the time the spoilers showed Ayaan getting in between their favourite characters Asad and Zoya.

 There are been many hostile response to the current story line too. Though the story has been hurting their favourite characters on the show Asad and Zoya, the fact that Zoya wants to find her father can be seen as a silver lining. 

Since Zoya will be residing in Ayaan's place for the time being, she might be finding out about her biological father who lives under the same roof.

 Will this twist lead Zoya to her father and sister? How long will Asad and Zoya be kept away from each other? Let's wait and watch Qubool Hai.

The relationship between Asad and Ayaan would be put to test and Asad would believe his brother and his love Zoya tremendously.

Asad would make a decision to send Zoya to Ayaan for the time being so that Nikhat would get married. This would be one of the most difficult times in his life.

Zoya, the one who is married to someone whom she does not love, is the most hurt in the scenario.
Asad, Zoya, Ayaan and Humaira's lives have got tangled together.

Humaira, is hurt and broken to see Ayaan married to Zoya and when Asad brings Zoya to their place, she would break down completely.

The story Qubool Hai has now changed the entire direction of the story. Now most probably Zoya would find her father when she lives at Ayaan's house.

Zoya will be living with Ayaan now that she is married to him. She is most suffering since she will be living away from Asad.

Zoya would sign her wedding papers which will make her officially Ayaan's wife.
Is Zoya angry with Asad for making her do this?

Ayaan too signs the paper which will make him and Zoya wed officially.

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Re: Qubool Hai: Asya Separated; Zoya To Find Her Father Soon?

Post by clarissasham on 2013-09-24, 15:32

whatever now im laughing out loud yar//cant take this 

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