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Jodha Akbar - 24.September.2013

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Jodha Akbar - 24.September.2013

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-09-24, 23:51

Full points to Maaham and none to Jalal - as far as strategy and shrewdness go.

Full points to Jalal and none to Maaham - as far as honoring a relationship goes.


No more in Debt - At least!

The love of a mother can never be repaid.
However, for one who has pretended to love a child as her own son, and raised him for slaughter when the time is right, for her own son to reign - she has received more than her due share of respect and honor from Jalal.

In a way, Jalal has repaid the good deed Maaham did when she saved his life.

Jalal has been true to the one he calls Badi Ammi.


Gaining more foothold

Maaham has been true to herself.
She's gained far greater respect now after having been 'ba-izzat' acquitted of all charges.

What's more, her confidence outreaches anyone else's now.

She was never afraid to walk into a Begum's chamber and give her a talking to. She has previously threatened Jodha. Even now, she challenges her. Even though it is not done in so many words, she has accepted that Jalal made a mistake.

It seems Maaham didn't go to Jodha to see if Jodha doubted her; but to torture her further by instigating suspicion in her mind. She's seen how Jodha reacts. If she again complains about Maaham, then Jalal would not tolerate anymore.


Jodha chooses divorce!

Wow! I must say that for a woman who lived a few hundred years ago, guarded by traditions and rituals, where divorce is taboo - Jodha is a pioneer for that age. She seems pretty open minded about divorce, choosing that over living on in a place she deems hell. The rajput princess seems pretty ahead of her time.

Most women from her time (and sadly in today's time as well), may choose to remain in the stalemate rather than moving on - just for the sake of societal pressure and 'log kya kahenge'.

It was a Wow! scene when she lets the agony from her heart pour out before Jalal. The man had walked in hoping he'd let her know he's letting her off and ... oops! He gets quite the unexpected retort.

He sure might have thought he's doing her a favor. She's - thankfully - made it clear that he may not harbor in any such delusions.

Jodha minced no words. She's made it clear that though life as a divorced woman would be a burden on her life and family, and she'd have to spend it alone - she'd choose it over living in Agra with Jalal.

I say, woman! Bravo!


By the way, I wonder if every TV DIL should have a nasty MIL.
In Jodha's case, she got a good MIL... so the empty slot was filled by Maaham.

Maaham had taken up the mother's duties for Jalal when Hamida was out. She now takes over the duties of the nasty MIL in... er.. virtual absence of Hamida :)

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