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Qubool Hai Written Update 25Sep13 "Only Asad in my heart"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 25Sep13 "Only Asad in my heart"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-09-25, 20:54

Ayaan assures Asad that Zoya was always his and would always remain his .... This Nikah was a mistake .. It had to be done because of his sister Nikhat .. And to please Haseena bi in order to accept Nikhat Farhaan rishtaa ....

He tells Asad to trust his brother trust  his love for Zoya, to trust his zoya's love for him ...that he would correct everything ...he would put their broken rishtey together once again just wanted some time .... The brothers tearfully hug as Ayaan promises to correct every thing ..

As Ayan is leaving Asad tells him of take care of Miss Farooki .... Ayaan smiles and nods ..

Asad is surprised to see Najma had not yet  been despatched to her new home .. Najma  replies that she could not possibly leave without bidding goodbye to her bhai jaan

Najma weeps about Zoya  not being there in their house .... She weeps about her bhai jaan's nikah being cancelled ..
Dilshad tells her to collect herself and start her new life happily ..

Asad wishes her all the happiness in her new home .. And that she should not worry about her maika .. He tells Imran that he was gifting him the light of their lives their Najma .. Najma looks back tearfully as Imran takes her away ...

Dilshaad takes support of Asad's shoulder to cry on ... As she watches her daughter leave

At Imran's house ....

Najma enters her suhaag raat room with Imran ...and is shocked at all the artificial flowers .. Haseena comes to the room and accepts that real flowers were expensive ... So they had used artificial flowers Just to save money .. They would never dry up and would last long enough for farhaan's wedding too
Najma is shocked ....

Hasena's then schemingly  takes away all her jewellery from her on the pretext of safe keeping ..
Najma's belongings too are removed and are locked up into a cupboard on the same pretext ....  Haseena also takes over her nikah ka jora and thejewellery on her person too ....Najma is shocked even further ...

At Ayaan's  house ...
In ayaan's room a very dejected n broken Zoya is sitting on the floor Ayaan thanks her .. It was because of her n Asad bhai jaan nikhat's rishtaa was finally accepted and her life was saved ..

Zoya says her purpose of being there was over she could leave this house ..
But Ayaan tells her to stay on for some more days must up-till nikhat's Nikah was solemnised .. Zoya assures she would come back whenever she was required ..Ayaan pacifies Zoya that he had already spoken to Asad and taken his permission to keep her for a few days ....

Ayaan assures Zoya that he would correct every thing together with his brother ... Zoya accuses him  that they had done everything they could possibly ever do was all because of him all this entangled relationships had happened ...

Zoya declares that for her nikah was a life long promise .. She could not accept any one other than Asad .. The name in her heart was Asad Ahmed khan but her nikah naama had the name of Ayaan .. She was living a lie ... She could not live this lie any more .. How would he n his brother ever correct this ?...

She was unwilling for this marriage that had done all they could they had caused all theses entanglements . Broken relationships .. For breaking hearts ...
Ayaan says he has erred he had broken hearts  ..his heart was broken too he had promised some one and not fulfilled his promise too

In her room
Razia is cursing Gaffoor that there was no use of all this shaan o shokat if they could not do a thing for their only daughter ...

Gafffoor says that he had done something great for her daughter ... He had got the papers of Ayaan Zoya's talaq naama signed by them along with nikahnaama documents

Razia exclaims that gaffoor had erroneously written the date for Talaq after three months instead of the predecided three weeks ...
Gaffoor realises that in a hurry he had put the wrong dates .

Gaffoor says she should be thankful that all this jhamela would be over in 3mths ..
Razia is worried that in these three months if gaffoor discovered that Zoya was his daughter or Zoya found out gaffoor was her father then all her plans would fail ...

Precap .. In her room Zoya is playing the musical toy .. Which is overheard by Gaffoor who happened to pass by .. He identifies the tune and looks around for the source 

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