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Sitting on a Tree..Kissing The Karan Singh Superstar Syndrome

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Sitting on a Tree..Kissing The Karan Singh Superstar Syndrome

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-09-26, 14:18

…Sitting in a Tree, KiSSinG! – The Karan Superstar Singh Grover Syndrome!
by 2 Forum 32 on September 25, 2013 in Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai
*pink panther* music opens this scene in my head.
Scene 1
Found a tissue paper with KiSSinG written over and over and some lipstick mark.
Voice Over (Mine): Looks like a girl (we assume) in our office has fallen for KSSG (the new name that has been awarded to Karan Singh Grover). Now, who is it?
*cut to humming a song* Kaun hai woh… bolo bolo kaun hai woh. (Ok, better get to being a sleuth. (Wonder how Zoya Farooqui manages to meddle in every little thing).
Scene 2
Evidence: Playing of the latest interview of Karan Superstar Singh Grover who plays Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai on the nearby workstation. (Perhaps the maximum number of hits have come from our office itself).

More Evidence : Hearing the sounds of *thud* as people ( or at least one person) walking into doors.
1. Care Khan : He usually is at the back of all that is played in loop and considering that the video has a certain Surbhi Jyoti featured as well, who knows, it could be him drooling over her dimples. *narrowed eyes* or is the real reason something else?
2. Bunny – Now he looks innocent enough and is usually only behind a carrot.. Poor sod, must have starved in previous birth. Anyhow, still keeping an eye on him.
3. The photographer/Cameraperson : Now she is too blatant. She even said, to him directly that he is sexy, so could it be her, actually who has gone all mushy over KSSG? Well, she right now is the biggest suspect.
4. Kalki : Now, Kalki is the sanest person in our office. Does the work with minimum fuss and is perhaps our biggest support when it comes to anything technical. Solves our problem. Bas aage ke baarey mein soch ke, usse suspect list se baree (bury  ) kiya jaata hai.

5. 2 Forum 32 : Yeah, Me 2. I am suspecting myself? No! Just being empirical in my approach to solve the possible mystery.
What do you think? Could it be any of them or is it the receptionist (Like in most murder mystery, it the butler who has done it, so here in office, it has to be the receptionist). Poor girl, she is so sweet. But then in matter of heart, ye sweet sab baju mein reh jaata hai! So… we are back to … Kaun hai woh?
That is the power of KSSG. We have the video running on the big screen, in the edit room and on work station on loop (a little exaggerated but too often for my liking) ever since the interview was shot. We can understand, the editor playing it in loop to find a nice point to add a transition but why is the whole office going berserk?
What I found is that it is the KSSG syndrome (KiSSinG) as we call it now. And what we want to know is just that! Has the KSSG syndrome afflicted you as well? Is it a unique phenomenon in our office or has the charisma of a man who is so candid, charming and chivalrous make your knees go weak when he smiles at you? Does what Vrushali, our photographer and Cameraperson saying, “I think you are sexy” find echo in all of you who watch Qubool Hai and our interviews for him?
How do you feel when we bring you pictures, videos and behind the scene segments that features Karan Superstar Singh Grover? We do believe he lights up the screen! 
Want to share with Forum 32 your thoughts on Karan Singh Grover and we promise, when we do a solo interview with you, we shall read all these out to him. Game on?


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