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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26th September 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26th September 2013

Post by sharmibalan on 2013-09-26, 16:50

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 26th September 2013

The episode starts with Ayan preparing to sleep. He notices a sad Zoya. He asks her to sleep. Zoya tells him that she isn't sleepy. He again asks her to try and get some rest and leaves the room to sleep outside. She looks at the moon and then her ring that Asad had given her and gets a flashback of Asad capturing the moon in the ring for her. She looks at the reality and gets sad.

At the same time Asad in his bedroom and fells the presence of Zoya sleeping in his bed. He comes closer and finds it empty and gets unhappy. He again smiles remembering their cute moments and gets sad when the reality faces him. They show how they are both upset with the turn of events. 

The next scene shows Ayan shedding tears and looking at Humeira's picture. Humeira opens her locket and finds the picture of Ayan and herself together and remembers his promise to marry her and cries. The screen freezes on Ayan, Zoya. Asad and Humeira's teary and sad faces.

A new day dawns and Asad wakes up to find Zoya's dad's musical box and her Ipad in his room. He makes a decision. The scene moves to Zoya finishing her prayers and finding someone knocking her door. She asks them to come in and finds a servant coming in with a suitcase and a bag. He tells her that he was asked to give this to her and hands the letter. She thanks him and opens the envelope and finds a note from Asad in which he had mentioned that he had sent a few things that she would miss not having with her. She hugs the note and cries. She opens her suitcase and finds her dad's old picture, her Ipad, and some of her cloths.

The servant delivers a note to Asad and he opens it and reads Zoya's message in which she tells him that the most important person that she would miss is him and that the rest of the things hold less value for her and further tells him as to how he had not worried about that and brought this issue between them. 

Zoya opens her suitcase and goes through her dad's stuff. She starts to miss her dad. At the same time Humeira's dad comes down looking for the daily paper. He grabs it and starts to climb the steps and at the same time Zoya opens her music box. He stops and comes down trying to find the origin of the sound. Just then Raziya comes and distracts him and tells him to have his coffee. Once he leaves she thinks that she has to find a way to keep Zoya away from Humeira's dad.

The scene shifts to Asad and Dilshad calling Najma and asking her as to how her new family is treating her. Dilshad advises her to adjust with her new family. Najma tells her mum that she is fine and that Imran is taking care of her. Dilshad finally cuts the call after advising Najma a bit more. She then thinks of Zoya and wonders as to who will take care of her. At the same time Ayan comes and gives Zoya a glass of water. She refuses and he asks her if she wants to drink tea. She tells him that if she wants anything then she will get it herself. He tells her that its a new place and hence she might find it difficult to get things from the kitchen and hence he can help her. She gets angry and tells him that already both the brothers had decided enough for her and hence she can  decide do things on her own from now on-wards.

Precap: Manujaan looks at Zoya's cloths from the suitcase and tells her that their daughter-in-law cannot wear cloths like this. Zoya tells him that she doesn't find anything wrong and she had always worn cloths like this. Raziya finds her music box and gets tensed. Manujaan points out something to Zoya.

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