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Is it so difficult?

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Is it so difficult?

Post by Abavi on 2013-03-11, 16:50

The man loves his wife, the Wife loves him too... They stay at the same room, they dont have any issues what so ever - between themselves... Still is it so difficult to break the ice even after one year?

This ice wont melt with time I say- the two have to break it... Or is it so difficult to maintain TRP's after the Suhaag raat? why I ask WHY?

Why havent they still had their Suhag Raat?

I am pretty new to this show, and I want to understand what is stopping them DAMMIT?

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Re: Is it so difficult?

Post by zuzana on 2013-03-11, 22:17

I too dont understand Vi..I tried hitting my head against the wall still didnt find reasons


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