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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2013 Written Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2013 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2013-09-26, 22:02

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2013 Written Episode
epi starts with bhabho giving some work to emily
she sees through the window that the tiffin box has not been opened
and suraj didnt have food yet
she tries to pack food cooked by her for suraj but think suraj recognizes the taste of her food
she preapares sabzi from fresh LF and makes roti
bhabhasa enters and asks when the lunch is ready why is she again making lunch
she shuts him
sandy speaks to herself that she made a good plan and bhabho has not yet arrived with food cooked by her
she is waiting in MKD and looking at RM
sandy is worried
sandy is guessing what would be bhabho doing now ( standing in MKD and bhabho is doing the same in RM
wah this is bhasan
while cooking she taunts sandy for making shapeless rotis and tasteless sabzis
she adds lot of ghee to the rotis to make him gain lost weight
today is another cooking class omg
sandy is eagerly waiting for bhabho
and bhabho is packing the food in tiffin box
iam fed up of repeating the same again and again
its getting late adn sandy fears suraj has to eat that tasteless food
she is dissappointed and goes back to ssm
break: bhabho sees suraj coming back to MKD
bhabho secretly tries to go to MKD but suraj nears mkd and bhabhasa is speaking to some guy
bhabho is worried
meenas says to vik to remind suraj about the shop and they stop suraj and ask him about the shop ,
meenas says they have to meet to the property broker at 4 pm
suraj assures them again
in between bhabho places the TB on the table of MKD
bhabho brings the TB sandy had kept and packs the food to throw and says even animal wont eat this food
emily says the agent had called to meet him regarding the shop
emily says she needs to buy the shop at any cost
she says she will mortgage her jewellery and buy the shop
she wants to set her own parlour and she needs to help mohit
bhbho says not to dream about the shop
emily is upset and leaves
bhabho stops and asks her when to meet the agent she says 4 pm
sandy comes to MKD and sees the TB not open yet
sandy says that the sabzi is not good and he better take yogurt instead of that
sruaj says he will have the sabzi only
he tastes the food and guesses right
and says it tastes like made by bhabho ‘
sandy is super happy

precap: surya and vina enter the agent office , bhabho is shown near the window along with momily


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