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Qubool Hai - Asad & Ayan

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Qubool Hai - Asad & Ayan

Post by sarra0 on 2013-09-27, 12:01

One day I will b manage to manage my time...  

Ayan said to Asad Jaise he Nikhat ka Nikaah hogaye ga mein aap ke amanat wapas Le aao ga bhai   unbelievable... Wat is it that both brothers r not understanding... Wat is she? she is not a toy, an object that u both pass around until u have used and abused her and then pass her back to the other saying here u go safe and sound...she is a person, one who has feelings.. Emotions..hopes..desires...and u not once asked her opinion or verdict [admittedly wrong time for her to b quite.] is she learning actions have consequences, she wanted to go b a hero and this is the result...

Asad's letter with her belongings... Wat did he hope to achieve.. The one thing she wants and needs is you.. She has said this to you and u disregarded it. She should dissappear from both of there lives and not go back...  

Qayamat Say Pehlay Qayamat Hai Yaaro [ its the day of judgement before the day of judgement]
Mairay Samnay Meri Dunya Lutay Gi  [in front of my eyes my world has been lost]
Idhar Miaray Armaan Kafan Pehn Lain Gay [here my hopes will b laid to rest in my shroud
Udhar Un K Haathon Pay Mehndi Lagay Gi [over there there hands will b decorated with Henna]
Idhar Mairay Dil Per Khanjar Chalay Ga [here knives will b slashed on my heart]
Udhar Un K Maathay Per Bindiya Sajay Gi [ over there they will put bindhi on there forehead]  

BTW tamatar invest in a good pair of bolt cutters.. Cut it once, stare her down and she will never dare to do it again...   and it can come in handy for other things...

Dilshaad woh tumhara shohar hain tehzee se baat karna.. its her husband she can address him informally. She wasn't being rude...

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