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ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

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Re: ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

Post by sonia1 on 2013-09-30, 23:46

Tanthya wrote:
sonia1 wrote:So beautifully written Sathu Thumbsup . Only you could have explained the significance of colors so well ! 
His samsheer first betrayed him during sword fight with Jodha, where he blamed her beauty and now she has colored it too Starry Love . 

Its a pleasure to read you :) Will wait for the next gem !
Thankooj, Sonia :heart: :heart:

he has also begun to walk the path  too , now for tomorrow when both do tip tip barsa paani.

Thank You for appreciating my efforts, hun
:lol!:  Tip tip barsa paani ! The promo shows Jalal shouting 'Ruk jaaiye Jodha Begum, yeh hamaara hukm hai ' she apparently will flout that hukm too.Heart 

Its always a pleasure to read your take. Reminds me of IPK days :)

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Re: ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

Post by Ggn_girl on 2013-10-01, 11:36

Tanthya wrote:
Ggn_girl wrote:
Tanthya wrote:A episode that had all the colours of life , Happiness, Sadness,Anger,manipulation and love!!

Jodha is counting her days , her last days of stay in Agra, Contrary to her expectation, the thought of leaving Agra does not fill her with relief nor happiness , Her eyes seem to be searching for a sign, a minutest flicker that might halt her  departure but so for none are forthcoming or are being lost in translation !

Holi , a festival of colors,Colors of life,  Holi a symbol of triumph, Triumph of Prahlad's love and devotion, Holi, a harbinger of warmth, daylight , a festival heralding the end of winter !! Will this Holi end the  winter in the relationship of Jalal and  Jodha and announce  the arrival of spring, A spring of love, trust, devotion !

Will this spring be the bridge connecting two cultures, two religion, two individuals and fusing them as one !! Hopefully yes! Jalal, retaining his spirit of hospitality to the last has given permission to Amer ki princess to host her Holi Party, BY way of his acceptance and whole hearted approval , he has even sent colors  for her to play with !! Ah-ha..the Man who had  snatched away all the colors from her life, now returns it manifold , bringing the colors back into her dreary life ,Significantly, the princess who had been disdainful so far ACCEPTS the colors back in her life and prepares to  envelop herself with it.

## To be honest, I did wonder why Holi was chosen  6 months before its arrival when there is Diwali just round the corner , I never gave it further thought nor probed my 'wonder' and let it rest, It was while writing this post, that it clicked..Holi is always considered to be a festival of colors, right.. but  Holi is also something else..Holi is also the festival of transistion.. Change of season!! from bleak, barren,misty winters to warm, clear, heady weather of summer /spring.. while winter denotes the end, Summer announces the beginning and Here we are getting our first inkling of the end of the isolation and distances between Jodha and Jalal.. The winter in their relationship  will thaw gradually leading to the summer of  attraction, hesitant affection and deep love .The connection , that bond already exists although the name given to it is hatred  but just like a coin with 2 sides, so is the bond, flip the side and one shall see Love ..The time has come for flipping!

The episode also showcased the strong influence of religion on the administration of that era, how quick to take offense were the people of that age  which makes the broad minded , all inclusive approach of Akbar all the more  commendable .

Duly keyed  and programmed by Maham Anga and the Mullah, a wrathful Jalal is unleashed on a contrite Jodha , Jalal who does not mince his words and is violent both in action and words , by upturning all the colors as well as informing her that he would be very pleased by deporting her from Agra, words that are meant to sear her heart and which it does , after delivering a stinging homily , and AFTER listening to her remorseful apology , Jalal leaves , leaving behind a chastened, sorrowful princess deep in thought.

##Once again  a rich scene, the king is sent  keyed  up,  quivering with rage , religious prejudice  to the inner chambers of  Jodha where a lots  of unconventional things happen .. First, for a man who has come in towering rage , ready to vent his spleen, He stands quiet and contained until the servants remove themselves from vicinity ! Howsoever the enormity of crime, he DOES NOT  subject Jodha to being humiliated in front of the servants  like on previous occasion .

Like a cranky child who needs a physical outlet to cool his passions, he overthrows all the colors on his plate YET Jodha does not say a word nor does she look on haughtily or contemptuously , She understands her mistake and maintains a downcast demeanor, The unwarranted harshness on her husbands part (even after she owns up to her mistake and apologizes) is not treated  with commensurate hatred rivaling her husband's .There is a realization on Jodha's part and quiet acceptance of his actions, Her only reaction if at it can be called a reaction is an ineffable feeling of sadness as she looks on the imprints of Jalal made on the colored floor . A vast and welcome change  in Jodha's mien indeed.

Jalal , Livid and violent has spilled the colors but he has not realized yet that his shamsheer , the one which he swears by, lives by, the one which takes precedence even before his begums, the one always sheathed in black,lifeless  has been smeared with the colors too , The colors of life. Jalal, The man without heart, a man who was content , Nay proud of  not having any emotions in any cells of his body, A man who was like his shamsheer , cold, detached , isolated  has begun to take his steps into the world of colors, of life.. His life has begun the transition from the gloomy desolate lonely life to a life filled with love, laughter,anger and other myriad emotions .. The change brought about by Jodha! His own  Holi, his color, his love and eventually his life..
Wow. Super description of Holi and its purpose. 
It reminds me of your posts during the HOLI week of IPK. 

P.S can i use your idea for writing about the significance of any one festival for my daughter's school ?
Thank You, vandana :)..I am embarrassed to admit, I ahven't a foggiest idea of what I wrote during Holi of IPk, but I sure as hell hope that it was nothing that would have me squirming Embarassed Embarassed

You are most welcome to use it, Hun :)
Thank you.

Squirming..are you kidding me..Here you go.. 

(I hope posting about other serials is allowed in Dhwani..Can't help it though..this is one of my favorite reviews)

From the Redux Series - 
Cat Among The Pigeons - March 14th

This Rabba Vey reminded me of the saying, " Let go of ur love, If it was truly ur's , then it will come back to u else  that love never belonged to U" ... Arnav walks towards Khushi, a free spirited, fun loving Girl , who is dancing merrily   hearkening the drums of heaven.. colors abound her life, gaiety marks her presence..Into this world of cheer enters ,Arnav Singh Raizada, he grabs at her hand, imprisoning her in one smooth move, clipping her wings, destroying all things she  holds dear ... The colors are there but she is being held captive in a gilded cage ..  She stands before him, her zest for life in temporary abeyance , the smile wiped of her innocent countenance ..when after a long pause, realizing his folly, Arnav lets Khushi  go, takes a pace back..allows her , her freedom , gives her the space she craves , releases her from the prison.. Khushi is incredulous, the  freedom does not sink in  but when it does, ..she blooms, the dazzling smile comes back, Khushi who had been dancing  in joy oblivious of Arnav NOW dances only for him , Her eyes fastened on his smiling visage, her  glorious smile reserved only for him !!

I never used to comment then..hats off to you and all those who reviewed on Redux.


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Re: ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

Post by Abavi on 2013-10-01, 12:17

Ggn_girl wrote:
Abavi wrote:Loved the holi, transistion point Tant girl!

Jodha's sad face reminded me of Revathi when she yearns for Mohan's word to ask her to stay back in Mouna raagam
This song is dedicated to Jodha!
manram vandha thenralukku manjam vara nenjam illaiyoa anbae en anbae
thottavudan suttadhenna kattazhagu vatta nilavoa kannae en kannae
boopaalamae koodadhenum vaanam undo sol
thaamarai maelae neerththuli poal thalaivanum thalaviyum vaazhvadhenna
nanbargal poalae vaazhvadharku maalaiyum maelamum thaevaiyenna
sondhangalae illaamal bandha paasam kollaamal
poovae un vaazhkaidhaan enna sol
maedaiyaip poalae vaazhkai alla naadagam aanadhum vilagich chella
odayaip poalae uravum alla paadhaigal maariyae payanam sella
vinnoadu dhaan ulaavum velli vanna nilaavum
ennoadu nee vandhaal enna?  vaa ...
Super Post. Nice song to describe the current Jodha and Jalal situation. Will their love story take a MounaRagam turn. Will Jodha be the one to confess first ?? it will be interesting to see.

Beautiful lyrics and magically rendered by SPB and my all time favorite movie. I think i saw that chemistry only in Arshi again.
Hi Vandana, Thanks.

Chemistry isnt a seldom seen thing in silver screen, magical couple come and go... That too in ManiRatnam movies, Chemistry between the lead pair is inevitable.

But when it comes to tele screen that is a rarity and that when a couple rendered chemistry which can surpass the ones that the silver screen provides, that is when the crew needs to be applauded in case of Arnav and Khushi.

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Re: ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

Post by Abavi on 2013-10-01, 12:24

Tanthya wrote:
Abavi wrote:
Tanthya wrote:
Abavi wrote:Nor did Mohan kill Karthick...
I meant to say the part of the movie where the lady starts to warm up playing the role of the wife and starts to like her life at her hubby's place, the man remembers the first thing she wanted from him- a divorce and he pretends not to notice that the girl is giving him the clue with putting on his first gift, those anklets, and he gives her those papers start on her face... No 
When this tiger hunt is done, I wouldnt be surprised if Jo decided to wear a green joda and Ja pretends not to notice it when he asks her to pack her stuff and send her off to her maika..
The Boy is already smitten and has made several ovrtures , he is least likely to resist .. what may put the brakes or what will put the brakes will be intervention of either Ruqs or Maham or both in tandem ..
The brake inspectors would do their job, but the equation between these two should change.. I would smack him on the head if he goes gaga looking at her green joda... I want him to show some attitude bas.

I would love if the girl travels all the way to Amer and her patidev follows her for a visit to her maika, breaks his head to woo her and then bring her back. Do give him a reason to woo her, he needs to commit a mistake of letting her go... when she shows that she is ready to start "their" relationship...  to make him commit that, he needs help, and Ruqs and MA would be ready to help...

Dont break my bubble tantwa... I am in dreamland
There has to be subtle change not overtly visible but one that is felt than seen ..

I think wife going away will come up later ..when Maham Anga  connives and throws Jodha out  but for now, they are going  to Ajmer Sharif and the show has turned picaresque .. The first layers of prejudice may begin to wear thin in this journey ..

I shan't break the bubble, Vi Ponnu .. I think it will happen that way :)
Oh YES! Let it get all picaresque, I wouldnt mind at all... Infact I welcome it with both my hands and my two legs too...

So are we gonna voyage into that phase when Ruqs and MA would get vivid clues (if they havent already noticed) about Ja's pertinent attraction to Jo's presence or his absent minded self? and get angry and plot against her?

So there would be a series of plots atleast until MA succeeds, and by then JA would have traversed to a point where he is just a hop away from confessing his pheelingswa for his Jo begum... and then HEARTACHE!!! Me likey likey!

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Re: ILKDM#25 Rang Barse - JodhaAkbar

Post by Sponsored content Today at 05:02

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