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Breaking News, Breaking News.

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Re: Breaking News, Breaking News.

Post by archie_79 on 2013-10-02, 00:19

slmu wrote:
aasudi wrote:
slmu wrote:AK, I am in full support. Cant believe he slapped her. Enough of this anti women rhetoric in this show Bang 

Anu, looks like the jawai babu keeps charming the Agnihotris and they have not bothered to check on the daughter .. which seriously makes no sense confused
shanti! I agree...shlok slapping aastha makes no sense...i remembered asad ahemad khan, i asked how cud he? When he slapped zoya but that was valid compared to this rubbish, he was on the verge of losing his mom for damn reasons but shlok is just acting unreasonable....u shud not stark a char to the point of no redemption and widout prompt logic...damn it,n i stil watched after feeling m not for the show (stupid me)
Yes, it made no sense at all.. his past recollections can't be reason enough to slap her. I was really appalled at that.
So he really slapped her. I read about it somewhere else & was wondering about it

And the reason is because he was worried about her na? I never knew worrying means slapping a girl Rolling Eyes

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Re: Breaking News, Breaking News.

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-10-02, 00:33

This doesn't even make sense.... Why slap her ... My Arnav never slapped khushi... He twisted her arms a plenty. I don't understand the need for it.....

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