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Diya aur Baati hum Written update 2nd October 2013

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Diya aur Baati hum Written update 2nd October 2013

Post by cheena007 on 2013-10-02, 23:45

epi starts with window scene
suraj is happy he had dharshan of bhabho
and says he firmly believes bhabho will call back
sandy says she has to and even she cant stay away from surya
and suraj lights the candle
sandy says she has good memory and suraj doesnt have to remind her everything 5 times
they see bhabho and chavi getting ready for shopping sandy falls on bhabho’s feet and adjusts the fleet of her saree
meena thought bhabho would scold but bhabho leaves without saying anything
sandy talks to suraj about the milk turning sour
and bhabho is not interested in their matters
she urgetnly wants to hire a rickshaw
sandy offers to get one but bhabo denies
meena is giving LU standing in teh terrace
bhbaho doesnt want to travel in the ricksahw along with sandy
sandy says she will go alone tto library and suraj doesnt need to accompany her as he has to deliver sweets
she is going through some newspapers which has jewellery fraud cases
she takes the photodopy of the article about the fake lady(FL)
while returning to library sandy and the FL bump and the mobile of FL falls
break: sandy takes the photo copy of the article to find that the lady she bumped was the same person in the article
sandy gives teh mobile to FL
she says over phone she has collected all the info about customers and they can dupe them and collect lot of money
sandy over hears this
she looks at the article and confirms its the same FL
sandy doubts that the criminal in the article is FL but how come she is in pushkar
FL hires an auto
she arrives in the jewellery shop where chavi and bhabho are shopping
FL gives fresh jewellery pieces and boosts them to buy
another lady in the shop assures them of the purity ( may be arranged by FL)
and they turn out to be far relatives
bhabho and that lady get into discussions about their relatiojn
dilips mom calls chavi
she sends the design through her mobile to dilip
she says to bhabho that the jewellery is very good
break: the shop owener says 5 lakhs and 80,000 and sandy enters the shop right on time
dilips mom says over phone that bhbho can buy the jewellery and their aunt in pushkar will pay them the money for it back
the owner makes a qucik pland and increases the amount
sandy comes with the photocopy
bhabo selects five jewellery sets
he says they have to pay 5 lakhs and 60,000
he says he will give unofficial bill to avoid paying tax
and since its a huge amount
bhabho cant undestand such matters but chavi is educated why does she agree to this
precap: sandy comes near the shop and finds FL in the shop ,FL ducks and sandy asks the owner whereabouts of FL
credit :Ramasuresh78

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