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Qubool Hai - Written Update -3rd October 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update -3rd October 2013

Post by pollyanna on 2013-10-03, 21:54

Qubool Hai - Written Update -3rd October 2013

The episode starts with Humeira tending to Ayan's wounds and Asda to Zoya's.  Zoya tries to tell Asad to back off but Asad doesnt leave. Ayan gets very emotional and hugs Humeira passionately but soon Humeira realises that he is married and asks him to leave and Ayan tells her to wait for just 7 days. On other hand, Zoya accuses Asad and he too promises that everything will be all right after 7 days. Once again Humeira hugs Ayan and Zoya hugs Asad.

Razia clicks a snap of Asad Zoya hug.

Najma has cooked dinner and finds the plates which are not proper, Najma asks Haseena to give her keys so that she can get new plates, Haseena refuses, Imran also takes Najma's side. Najma tells her that she has cooked so many varieties, Haseena passes taunts at her. Imran makes both the ladies sit and start eating. Haseena  gives very small portions to Najma as its good for health and had her own plate full. Imran is disgusted  at Haseena's behaviour.

Ayan and Zoya are busy smsing Humeira and Asad respectively and they collide and their bracelet get entangled. Nikhat comes and tells that its because of her that both of them had sacrificed so much for her sake. Zoya says that its just a matter of few days when Ayan interrupts and says that she will go to her sasural and tackle Haseena. Ayan gives her the confidence and pep talk and asks her to promise that she will never cry again. Nikhat apologises to Zoya and she too says that things will be fine.

Ayan takes a blanket and delivers a shayari  and tells her that he is going to sleep in the lawn.

Zoya gets up hearing thunders, lightening and rainfall, Humeira also gets up and thinks that Ayan is sleeping out in the lawn. Zoya gets Ayan inside the room, she reprimands him for his acts and tells him to sleep in the room. Humeira watches them and is in tears.

Precap-- Zoya in bed, Ayan on couch are tallking about who is a greater fan of Sallu and tells shayari to each other.

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