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Qubool Hai Written Update 04Oct13 "Zoya the reluctant Bahu"

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Qubool Hai Written Update 04Oct13 "Zoya the reluctant Bahu"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-10-04, 20:39

The episode begins  with ...Ayaan confirming from Zoya that if she was sure he could share her room .. Zoya replies that just to prevent the tongues in the family from wagging he better sleep in the room ....

They get talking over their common favorite Salman Khan ...generally have a great fun time 
They argue with each other over who was greater fan .... They sing Salmaan Khan songs ,... Ayaan states he even had Salman's hair style .. .. Reciting  sher o shayari  on Salman ...

In his house Asad is watching the rain pouring down his window pane and he is remembering all his romantic moments with Zoya ..
BG song .."mitwaa "plays ...

At Imran's house ..... Najma is being admired by her new husband , he praises her jhumka .. He then learns zoya had presented them ... On hearing Zoya's name Imran becomes tensed ... Haseena  interrupts the couple .. ..

Haseena then asks Najma to show the dress purchased for her second bahu Nikhat ..
Najma shows her the dress .. But haseena exclaims at the price tag being 50,000/-

Haseena takes it away to get it exchanged for a properly priced dress ...(cheaper one)
Imran decides it was not the right time to tell Najma about Tanveer

Next morning Shireen comes to call Zoya as some relatives had come to meet the new bride .. .

Zoya has donned jeans and top and Shireen tells her not to dress that way .she is asked to change ..... Zoya protests but Shireen says then Bahu /beti of their house were not allowed to dress that way ...

She used to wear them earlier but that was before she became the bahu of this house ...Badi bi comes and explains to Zoya very sweetly ...
Zoya thinks that it was a matter of Six days .. She agrees to change ..

At his office  Asad is counting the six days .. He receives a mail from Tanveer .. A pic of Tanveer and Asad sleeping together ...

Tanu then blackmails Asad to marry him or she will spread the rumours about them in the entire Bhopal ..

Tanveer says asad's muqaddar had Tanver's  name on it .. Asad refutes that his muqaddar had only one name .. That was Zoya ..
Tannu then thinks of another plan ....laughs wickedly ...

At Ayaan's house .. Ayan and Zoya argue about their dressing and the relatives ...Zoya is dressed in lahangaa and dupatta and is frustrated with the clothes ..
Dadi comes and gives her more jewellery .. 
Zoya is frustrated that she was called a bahu ... Their Nikah was galati it was an accident .. She was not a bahu ..
Badi bi explains that that fateful day they could have hidden any where but they reached a place where kaazi was doing Nikah .. It is muqaddar .. 

Zoya refuses to accept but badi bi tells her to accept the truth and accept being the bahu and Ayaan's wife .. 

Precap ... Zoya tells Humeira that she should never stop trusting Ayaan .. Nikhat says she could never forget that Ayaan's  first wife would always be Zoya ....
Zoya assures Humeira that she should have full faith that everything would be just as they wanted ..

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