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Qubool Hai Weekly Review-30th Sept to 4th October 2013

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Qubool Hai Weekly Review-30th Sept to 4th October 2013

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-10-05, 22:32

Hello Qubool Hains, how was the week? Welcome to the month of October a favorite  month of mine. Hope all of you darlings had a graceful week and having a hip of a weekend.

We have seen that Nikhaat's wedding preps are underway, the family are even preparing their new bahu of the house. Zoya and Humeria experiences sweet nothings with their respective lovers. Razia is busy "maccowing"(trini slang for eavesdropping) Ayaan and Zoya and is not disappointed when she overhears that the couple shall be separated in a week's time. najma has started to feel the wrath of Haseenabhi, she is treated with disdain,cruelty and ridicule while "softy" Imran mildly protests against the unfair treatment ( Najma is tolerant to the abuse at least Imran could step up and rebel against this treatment, Imran has impregnated Tanveer and it is a secret that he has to hide,at least allow Najma to be happy, this is more ammunition for to leave his  a%$).Finally we see Asad back in the office(Geez man it took Zoya to leave him to be back in the office? I rather he grew a beard than see that mopsy topsy hairstyle).

Finally the new dulhans meet at Ayaan's place they experience an overwhelming joy to see a familiar face. Nikhaat and Farhaan exchange rings after much hesitancy. Nikhaat looks at Imran making him and Najma feel uncomfortable. Gifts are given to Greedy Haseena  by Ayaan with taunts on mannerism that he should involve his wife. Haseena miserly give Nikhaat a very thin chain without any shame. Najma was also asked to remove her own necklace gifted by her mother to give to to Nikhaat. Both sisters felt bad but their closeness was inevitable and they were compassionate with  each other much to Zoya and Imran's disgust over Haseena's behaviour (talk about having no dignity and sense of embarrassment..I hate this woman she has no shame whatsoever).

Tanveer makes an appearance and finally displays her true personality to Asad. She boldly informs him that she is the one who marry him and she is his destiny not Zoya. Asad throws her out (Thumbs up Asad!) he is angered and breaks some furniture in his office. Najma tries to plead Asad's case and defend her brother much to Zoya's anger and eventually get saddened.
Pictures of the family are being taken, Haseena taunts Ayaan and Zoya once again( I am so looking fwd to see Zoya give Haseenabhi a piece of her mind and embarrass that witch!) Humeria is feeling hurt after witnessing Ayaan and Zoya, she is constantly reminded that they are married (poor girl). Razia spills Ice cream on Zoya to remove her from Ayaan's side.In the bathroom, Zoya and Imran has a confrontation,Imran explains to Zoya what went on between him and Tanveer, Zoya tries to knock some sense into him to speak the truth to Najma. Imran later recalls Zoya's words and is hesitant....meanwhile Poor Humeria is crying her eyes out, Ayaan manages to speak with her reassuring his love and hugs her. Zoya is then wandering around deep in thought, She soon discovers a thorn pricked her foot, before she realises what was happening she sees her love kneeling and removes it, they confessed to each other about not being able to live without the other. They embrace after much feeling..they both cried.

Humeria pushes Ayaan and he cuts himself, she later tenders his wound with much regret.They exchange a passionate hug.Both Asad and Ayaan promise their women that in a week's time they will be back with their lover. They hug and Razia snaps a picture of Asya's embrace (I wonder whatever happened to the video of Ayaan burning Imraan's car?). Najma prepares food for her husband and haseena (where is Imran's dad and Farhaan? Methinks they hate haseena so much they rather hide  away). Haseena serves very little to Najma and the glutinous woman helps herself...UGH!!!!! Ayaan and Zoya collide into each while texting their respective love. Nikhaat thanks them for their sacrifice on her behalf. they both assure her that she should not worry and she needs to be happy ( Najma is undergoing so much...I cannot imagine what Haseena would do to Nikhaat. are the khan khaandaan know what they are doing by sending their respective daughters to Haseenabhi's home? I would like to see a Najma- Nikhaat team to tackle Haseena and bring her down from the pedestal she has placed herself on). Zoya and Ayaan sleeps in separate rooms. Zoya and Humeria both think of Ayaan sleeping outside, Zoya reprimands Ayaan and requests he sleeps in his room with her. Humeria sees this and is pained.

Zoya and Ayaan contests who is the better fan of Salmaan Khan (Geexz Gul get a life, Salmaan Khan in IPKKND and now in QH? Get a life in fact better yet ask him to make a guest appearance in your show and end that SK fan theme). they both broke into poetry...they certainly are a common twosome. Haseena ridicules Najma about her dress for Nikhaat's wedding  when she thought Imran paid for it, hurting Najma and Zoya and Shirin have a confrontation on her dresscode, dadi tells zoya to accept being the bahu...Asad ignores Tanveer's attempts...Zoya and Humeria finally talk....

Well folks do enjoy the rest of the week..chow!! :)


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